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  1. Yes, they are sill available. I would normally expect 2.5-3 weeks for shipping, but may be longer with COVID. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  2. I found a prior discussion thread with someone who was able to successfully get the D9 and 8bitdo M30 working. There was initially a power problem which I made a firmware update to help, but ultimately the problem was a MiSTer and USB Y-cable setup which they were able to fix. You might need use a wired controller to initially get the D9 set for Sega Genesis. After that the D9 remembers the last controller, so you can then switch to the wireless without having to use the wired again. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  3. I don't have any wireless controllers, so sorry I can't help. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  4. I don't have one of those to test it with, so I can't give you a direct answer. The II does not support Sega Genesis. I recall someone having trouble trying to use a wireless controller with the D9. The wireless required more power than the D9 could supply. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  5. There is Altirra setup on the 5200-daptor page - http://2600-daptor.com/5200-daptor.htm Haven't looked at Altirra in some years, possible the controller setup has changed. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  6. The paddles show in the USB joystick X & Y analog axis. I posted here in case the information could be of help to others, but you are welcome to PM if you want a private discussion. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  7. There is dejitter already programmed into the 2600-daptors (all versions). There does not appear to be any in the Stelladaptor. I find there is some jitter on the real hardware. Varies with the game and where the player is positioned. I tweaked my dejitter to try to have my adapters give a similar result. Personally would rather not see any further dejittering done in the emulator, so would prefer the default Stella dejittering w/ 2600-daptor to be low or even none. The Stelladaptor, however, definitely needs emulator dejittering. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  8. I haven't played much with the default RetorArch l-stella. RetroPie gives this mapping - https://retropie.org.uk/docs/Atari-2600/ I would assume map those functions (left trigger, left shoulder, etc) in Emulation Station. Personally, I would switch to regular Stella. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  9. Link to info on the CX85 including the technical reference - https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=AtariCX85 Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  10. "Atari CX85 Numerical Keypad Technical Reference Notes" PDF is on the 'net. Includes that schematic and how to read the CX85. My reference to "joystick buttons" was that the 2600-D9 represents as a USB joystick to the host, not the controller jack pins. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  11. The D9 outputs the CX85 as joystick buttons. Use a joy to key app to map to keys. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  12. My adapters are repairable - not throw-aways like so many things are any more. Best to contact me directly if you have one to send back for fixing. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  13. Sounds like the chip died. Will repair/replace the D9 if you return it. Messaging you the address Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
  14. Hello,

    Was looking at the Ultimate PC Interface V3 on your site. Mainly want to use it for Intellivision and Atari 2600 and Atari 800 emulators on Raz Pi 3b+ Retropie Emulation Station setup with original controllers. I had a few questions:

    -Will it work well on that setup?

    -Will the controllers always be easily recognized by that system as I unplug and swap them or will I have to reconfigure every time?

    -What effect will your adapter have on my current 8 bit do sn30 pro + controller which is the only one I use right now? Will that still be easily recognizable without reconfiguring when I swap it with your adapter?

    I really appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you!

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    2. dualcam


      The hackfile you just download and install in the appropriate directory (I forget off hand where that is on RetroPie - should be in the RetroPie's help wiki) -



      There is info on the hackfile here, scroll down to the "How to configure Intellivision's jzIntv" section -



      Look at the order of the wire colors -



      Original green connector with correct ordering of wires (top to bottom - brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, grey, clear/sliver).  If your wire order backwards, then you need to reverse the connector with may require removing the dongle shield.

    3. lplp


      Thank you! The dongle shields needed to he removed in this case. They now seem right side up.

      Just to be clear, I just need to paste that exact hackfile into a new text document and then drop it in my jzintv rom folder and keypads should work properly? And I should be able to use the double key combos mentioned to pause, exit from the emulator?

      It's a bit confusing to a novice and I just want to be sure not to mess up my whole system configuration. Your input and support has been greatly appreciated.

    4. lplp


      Sorry. I think I have it sorted out now. Will let you know if any further questions. Thank you!

  15. That is the D9. The AtariVox firmware update is for the II. Tom http://2600-daptor.com/
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