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  1. Hello,

    Was looking at the Ultimate PC Interface V3 on your site. Mainly want to use it for Intellivision and Atari 2600 and Atari 800 emulators on Raz Pi 3b+ Retropie Emulation Station setup with original controllers. I had a few questions:

    -Will it work well on that setup?

    -Will the controllers always be easily recognized by that system as I unplug and swap them or will I have to reconfigure every time?

    -What effect will your adapter have on my current 8 bit do sn30 pro + controller which is the only one I use right now? Will that still be easily recognizable without reconfiguring when I swap it with your adapter?

    I really appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you!

    1. dualcam


      - the Ultimate works with Raspberry Pi/Retropie

      - the system will not know you swapped controllers

      - it should not have any affect on other controllers



    2. lplp


      Thank you. So when you say the system will not know I swapped controllers, does that mean they will always stay configured and immediately recognized?

      Sorry, I just set this up last week, so I am learning one step at a time.

      Much appreciated.

    3. lplp


      I just purchased the Ultimate PC Interface V3 from you and have it now. Trying to use with Hyperkin Trooper 2600 joystick. I loaded firmware ok on my pc but I can't seem to get it working with Raspberry Pi 3b+ Retropie Emulation Station for Atari 2600 on my tv. Can you give me a quick step by step on how to use it with this system? Whenever I have it plugged in, nothing works right. I must have skipped something. Thank you.

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