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  1. I've avoided doing this for a while, as I was giving CrimsonAtari yet another opportunity to rectify some problems that arose with my purchase from him, but it's been over two months since I purchased from him, and I still don't have everything I bought. On June 12, I sent payment for an Atari Lynx 2, AC adapter, and one cart. He claimed that he had PayPal issues and didn't end up shipping until 12 days later (at the time, I really didn't care, because things happen sometimes, and I wasn't in a hurry to receive the Lynx). When I received it four days later, it wouldn't work with the power adapter that was sent, and when I used batteries, the system powered on automatically (as if someone did a mod on it because of a bad power switch). He said that he had purchased it from ebay and didn't know about the power issue (though he supposedly tested it before sending it to me, so he had to know it powered on automatically), and he said that his wife had mistakenly sent the wrong power adapter with the Lynx. He promised to send the correct power adapter on July 1. On the 11th, I still didn't have the power adapter, so I sent another message, and he responded the same day to say he would send it. On the 24th, I sent another message to see if he had sent it, but I received no response (it appears he hasn't been on AA since July 18). I sent him one more message on August 6 requesting he get back to me ASAP, but still nothing. I don't think CrimsonAtari intended to be a scammer—he just doesn't seemed organized (or conscientious?) enough to sell on a forum like this. Though I do have a working Lynx from this deal, I do not have the power adapter that was included in the price I paid. It may be a non-issue, since he hasn't been around in a while, but I would not recommend purchasing anything from him.
  2. Ha ha, that reminds me of an episode of Futurama ("Our policy is if you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.") One day after hearing yet someone else bitch about how large and unwieldy the Jag controller was, I set it down by my Xbox controller with the chat pad attached and noticed just how similar they are in size.
  3. If you ever decide to part with the American McGee's Alice figures, I would be very interested.
  4. Deadly Towers always sticks out in my mind as one of the worst games ever. I got it because of the cover art, and I was so let down when I actually began to play it. The graphics were just horrible. I did play all the way through it, though that experience hasn't really stuck with me over the years. I really don't understand all the hate that E.T. gets, other than it being a bandwagon thing. I remember finishing it as a kid. That's more than I can say for a game like Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was always completely lost when trying to play it. As for Karnov, I'm with those who enjoyed the game. I actually exchanged a copy of Double Dragon that was glitching for Karnov. I remember that I beat it, but I don't remember much about the game itself.
  5. YAGRS


    Sent me an Xbox and a PS1 controller for the price of shipping. Very cool.
  6. I bought several games from Smiley recently, and he gave me a very good price on them. They arrived in the condition as stated. So . . . not a scammer. That said, I can certainly understand why people don't want to make offers on items they haven't seen.
  7. Bought some PS2 and Xbox stuff. Shipped quickly and everything arrived in great condition. Thanks!
  8. Traded some gaming items. There was a little bit of a mix-up, but it was quickly resolved. Happy with the trade. Thanks!
  9. That one looks nice, but Mario seems to be taking his rescue of Pauline a bit too . . . leisurely. It's like he's in no big hurry to get to the top.
  10. I'm a little late here, but I modded my Odyssey 2 for composite a couple of years ago with the mod RevEng posted, and it, too, is dark. The video looks best when hooked up to my VCR/DVD player (I think that it amplifies the signal a bit). Here is my blog post about my experience with this mod. I thought that at the time I did my mod I found instructions for a more complex mod on Atari Age, but I can't seem to locate those instructions now.
  11. I was so disappointed by this game. I just didn't think it was very enjoyable (of course, the fact that it froze on me a lot didn't help). And then there was Admiral Akbar's voice. Couldn't they lift a sound clip from Jedi?
  12. YAGRS


    Bought several Jaguar games from Smiley. Everything arrived working and in good condition. Thanks!
  13. Traded some gaming stuff with toptenmaterial. Everything arrived working and as described. Thanks!
  14. I bought an AtariVox+ and the Genesis/Sega CD/32X replacement A/C adapter. Both are excellent! It's so nice not having to plug in three wall warts anymore whenever I want to play the Sega.
  15. Traded some gaming stuff. Went smoothly, as always. Thanks again!
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