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  1. Same here, sadly, I had 2 of them, but I don't know what I did with the other one .
  2. I do have them somewhere, Sadly I couldnt find the games in time for the video. However I did have the Tron joystick in the video.
  3. hey guys thanks for posting. I have since made a video of the collection if anyone wants to check it out.
  4. Well I can't speak for others, but for me it's just an interesting discussion. Because if for example you believe that the dvd playback was a huge reason for the success of the PS2, would the Dreamcast have been as successful doing the same thing? etc. It's really just a way to discuss if there was anything that Sega could have done differently to combat Sony in the marketplace. My thoughts are, probably not.
  5. Oh I agree the ps2 helped dvd saturation (though more so in Japan). But I would say based on game sales alone, its main driving factor was its gaming brand. I don't think the ps2 having dvd playback had anything to do with the DC's demise, nor do I think dvd playback would have saved the DC....I think the playstation as a gaming brand was more than enough to kill the Dreamcast, sadly
  6. Not so sure the DVD player is what made or broke the PS2. I would wager, had the ps2 not had dvd playback, it still would have been the dominant console of the time. PS1 did a fantastic job of entering Sony into the market and people were excited to see what the next system would be like. That to me is what brought all the hype and excitement, not that it could play movies. Did dvd playback help sales? I'm sure it did on some level, but I don't think it would have mattered all that much had the system not been able to play movies. (and let's not forget it was a horrible dvd player to boot. Remember how many movies wouldn't work on it?). It was the excitement in the brand Playstation that did in the DC. and to me dvd playback was a simply a side note to all that mounting hype and excitement of that brand....not the driving force behind it. I know it might be hard to remember now, but at one point the Playstation brand was the "only game in town" for games. Even early on in the PS life, it dominated the Nintendo N64 (which was Nintendo's first console to fall way behind the competition), so what chance did the Dreamcast really have against the next big thing from Sony?
  7. Just about everyone I asked back then "are you getting a Dreamcast?"....they almost all said they are waiting to get the PS2. So not sure Sega or any other company could have done anything to combat PS2 hype back then. Of course this is anecdotal, but I am willing to bet this trend was the largest contributing factor in the DC's demise.
  8. I always wanted to pick one of these up. I remember they were on display at every gaming store at some point and looked fantastic.
  9. I recently picked up a 20" sony wega CRT at Goodwill. Came to $12 after the 50% discount thing they do from time to time. Great little TV, though it does seem to have a fair amount of geometry issues....still, classic systems look better on my new $12 TV over any of the newer equipment I have by long shot. (not to mention no input lag)
  10. As others have said, they are great for classic gaming. The fact that they can run 2 different native resolutions is a big plus as well. (480p/1080i). An issue with a lot of the newer TV's is they suffer from huge input lag. For classic gaming this is a huge problem as most of them rely on twitch fast responses. I returned a TV because I couldn't dodge any of Mike Tyson's Punches hah(as a side note I always use punch-out for testing my input lag now ). A lot of the early DLP systems had some of the worst input lag, however I am not sure about newer models. I haven't noticed any real input lag on any of the rear projection TV's I have tried, though YMMV. The downside to rear projection is they can suffer from burn in do to how intense the guns have to run to make the picture bright enough to project to the screen. They also can have convergence and geometry issues that the newer tv's don't suffer from. If you are anal, this could be quite annoying. As a personal preference, I like the rear projection HD tv's. Just something about how they optically put that slight blur on the image. I find the LCD tv's and the like are almost too crisp at times, makes everything look jaggy. Not to mention the color and black levels usually kick the crap out of the newer TV's.
  11. Never ran into that myself, but perhaps you could try a set of component cables and see if it does the same thing as the composite cables. Other than that, I am thinking it's something on the mobo that is none to happy
  12. I never really minded them back then (mostly cause everything was still new and we didn't have all that much to compare it to), but one thing I remember is never really needing to use the number pad all that much at all. So even back then I guess I never really saw the point of it.
  13. that messes with my mind....I like it.
  14. First time anyone plays Dragon's Lair But yeah, for me I always had trouble with Defender and Sinistar. Edit: Oh and Super Zaxxon...that game is just evil
  15. I made mine myself, and I will say it is probably much easier to use an old gutted arcade cab and convert. But just as others have said, might not want to use a real cab that could be easily salvaged. You also may get the added benefit of having a real arcade monitor. This to me is one of the most important elements of a mame cab. A CRT TV or LCD TV will not give you the same feel as the real deal. (which to me is the whole point). There are upsides to building your own as well. Like the ability to get creative with it and make it look anyway you like. Also gives you more flexibility in terms of how you want to set things up on the inside.....and of course it can be very fun My last tip would be not to go crazy with tons of buttons on the unit itself. Mostly cause they are just not needed (you can do button combos for added functions) and because it will kill the whole look and feel of a real arcade machine imo. Though that might not be the goal for everyone of course. Here is a video of mine. IIRC mine was based off of Lucid's plans. (though I found I needed to change them up a bit for strength) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFq-kM7k8o4
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