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  1. Ever played Mario Clash on Virtual Boy? It's a 3D version of Mario Bros with the ability to walk between two planes. It's really fun especially if you like original Mario Bros.
  2. I really only only a FlashBoy+ (for Virtual Boy) but I'd really enjoy purchasing others for my various consoles one day.
  3. Handhelds: Sega Nomad Sega Gamegear Gameboy Gameboy Pocket (3) Gameboy Light Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP Wonderswan Color Consoles: Virtual Boy (2 CIB) NES-001 NES-101 (Toploader) Family Computer (extremely modified) AV Famicom Super Famicom (original) Sega Genesis (model 2) Sega Dreamcast Atari 2600 Commodore 64 XBOX Playstation Playstation 3 OUYA Wii GameCube N64 SNES jr. Playstation 4 Playstation TV Notable Plug'n'Play games: Atari Flashback 2 Commodore 64 DTV JungleSoft Sport Vii (with VC-2 cartridge expansion)
  4. I got it from a mystery by offer last month but I cannot confirm if new cartridges are being made.
  5. I finally got a copy myself. What an amazing project for sure.
  6. Yes a PAL version is worth around $6 at most shipped.
  7. The Addams Family: Uncle Fester's Quest is a classic! Very fun! $2.99 is a great price!
  8. Since I cannot add to my former post, I will say that I also now have a Sega Genesis Arcade Motion. Honestly, not to bad with the exception of the Wii-like controller design which is kinda crummy.
  9. Super Nice! Who cares if it's Primal Rage. It's a functioning cab for $40! B I have decided to put a different game inside the cab, just not sure which yet.
  10. A functional Primal Rage arcade for $40 from an estate sale.
  11. The error is flood control; I have successfully got my 2 games, free theme and 30 days of PS+... just be patient. Edit- I do believe everyone will get their turn eventually, it's just a waiting game.
  12. I only know of one shop in my area that sales 2600 games, it doesn't matter what game. $4.99 each, Nothing I do not already have though.
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