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  1. Answering my own question; wget will get me what I need.
  2. OK. Thanks everyone. I knew I can use http but does anyone have a way to automate the process of keeping my files in sync. I'm not always aware of changes like the recent addition of the Yahoo files.
  3. I can no longer access ftp.whtech.com through ftp. I have tried WinSCP and Filezilla - both used to work. It doesn't work for me with ftp client either. Mike
  4. It's at https://sdlmame.lngn.net
  5. Thanks for this, Lee. I had given up on FileZilla and moved to WinSCP which works fine.
  6. I can't seem to find MakeCart anywhere.
  7. I think I have Paste XB working on my Fedora Linux wine/classic99 setup. I open classic99 my running "wine start /unix /home/myname/classic99/classic99.exe" Doing that allows me to get to the DSKs folders properly. I opened notepad which is the Microsoft notepad. I typed text in there and copied and pasted to XB.
  8. I removed Cygwin from my Windows PC as I've not used it much any more. I do have the MAME build tools enviroment since I compile MAME from git frequently. The MAME build tools enviroment uses c:\msys64 and I build in a Linux-like enviroment (win32env.bat). Bash, test, wget are all available in this environment so I only needed to install unzip with "pacman -S unzip". After that, I installed the MAME executable to c:\mame0218b and copied your mameprep_cygwin file into that directory. From the msys64 environment [MINGW64] c:\msys64\src, I cd'd to c:\mame0218b and executed "bash mameprep_cygwin". Voila,everything worked as planned. I have the "MAME Launchers" folder on my desktop and everything seems to work like the Rasbian install.
  9. Since the MAME project was re-licensed under GPL2, MAME has been available for installation from the normal repositories. For Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install mame For Fedora: sudo dnf install mame Mike Dorman
  10. I'm looking forward to the new OoeyGUI!
  11. The attached disk has all 12 adventures on it. I launch this from mame: mame64 ti99_4a advent -ioport peb -ioport:peb:slot8 hfdc -flop1 c:\disks\ALL-ADVENTURE.DSK I use the Software Lists in MAME so it knows where to find the advent cart. The Pirate adventure is on the disk as DSK1.PIRATE ALL-ADVENTURE.DSK
  12. I remember having this. It was a cassette for the Mini Memory and replaced the Line-by-line assembler.
  13. I used to be on the Yahoo group but memory failed me. It looks like it is still there with the files that you added since I had last signed on to the UCSDPascal Yahoo group.
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