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  1. You're missing the dash. It should be patch -p1 < "name of patch". I recommend looking at post #91 of this thread for lucien2's instructions. Ignore the cygwin part if you are using Linux.
  2. If you use chrome as your browser, it will automagically translate ti994a.com which is an excellent site for TI99/4a, TI99/8 and Geneve info.
  3. Actually, the version of MESS that has the NEWUI is still being compiled. It is part of MESSUI. This is a variant on standard MESS. http://messui.the-chronicles.org/
  4. http://www.ninerpedia.org/index.php/Change_MESS_menu_mode_key
  5. I believe the disk utility in the ti99sim emulator can convert PC99 <---> V9T9. Link to ti99sim
  6. Is there such a GUI in LINUX? QMC2 works well in Linux and Windows.
  7. I thought about that earlier but they do run in MDSO mode. Probably a worse starting point ? The MDOS files are on whtech.com under geneve/tomy tutor games. Barry Boone described the tomy dumps in an email quoted below: Well, The tomy dumps work as follows... The first few files of the games are all identical... and represent the Tomy internal ROM that was patched to use the Geneve's keyboard/joystick, and patched with the I/O addresses for video/sound. The rest of it is a ROM dump of the original game, pretty much in unmodified form. The Tomy had an immense ROM library of routines to handle graphics, sound, etc, so the game carts spent most of their time calling subroutines. The subroutine vectors are located in a table starting at memory location >0000. This made the subroutine vectors be in a fixed location, while the ROM locations of the routines could change, if that was needed, and it allowed them the option to come out with future machines that could run the cartridges.
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