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  1. So are either both p0 and p1 behind or in front of the playfield at the same time? Is is possible to have only one in front while the other is behind?
  2. I see you can make a 48p wide by 2 scanline tall multi color still image. Is there a 96p wide multi color image? And is that the largest size for a still image with multiple colors and no flicker? I'm interested in the widest, tallest 2scanlines tall pixels that I can use also with different colors on each vertical line. Would you pease clarify which of these would best be suited for that. Thanks.
  3. Update very soon. Couldn't time it to the movie but it's coming along!
  4. I playee with this a bit. Can I make a 96p wide multi color full screen image? It seems the larger multicolored images are only 48p but only the ROBOTRON text is 96p. I'm a bit cornfused on which one to use exactly. I'd just like the largest fullest screen multi colored image I could make, but also maybe with a scrolling text.
  5. Sorry. I was not aware they weren't all maintained by "the local Atari crew" lol.
  6. Possibly off topic, but I'm really confused about sound data.. When I think of 2 chanels, I think stereo sound. But also 2 separate tracks. But the Atari seems to have stereo sound but only one track? As the data for both chanels always must be embedded together- is that correct? Like if I only want 60 seconds of notes playing from C0, but I want the option to use C1 for other sounds later, it appears to create almost twice the code via the 0,0,0 for C1 for that full 60 seconds even if I don't use it. Unless I'm wrong? My idea was to have a perpetual drum loop on C0, with a randomized melody on C1 that periodically plays on top of that. But the way both chanels intertwine data into one stream seems like 2 separate and simultaneous tracks is not possible. Am I understanding this wrong? Because I'd really REALLY like the option to randomly drop one short mono track on C0 over another mono track on C1. Can this be done? I'm less concerned about saving memory. I'd like a perpetual loop with a track that can drop in on top of that loop but without interrupting that loop. Theoretically this should be possible.. But the two chanels embed into one data stream with MusicMaker.
  7. It may ne helpful to disable the other outdated links to older versions available on other pages. I will go to the RT page only for now, but other people trying to get into bBasic using a Google search will be led to many frustrating dead ends.
  8. Is this possible? DevStudio? How?
  9. So just to confirm, I re downloaded every version of bBasic from every page I could find, and the same with VbB. Re installed everything and it all seems to work and save settings on Win10_64 using the 64bit version(s). Apparently some folders/files were separate with different downloads. There are certainly a lot of different pages and sources for it. Maybe some updating/consolidation would help? I'm happy to volunteer. I'm just not sure how.
  10. Speaking of which. If Ubuntu can run on Android, can bataribasic be run on a smartphone?
  11. I can live with it. It's a little annoying doing the settings each time but that only takes 30 seconds and I use it for hours at a time anyway. I love batari basic and hope we never let it die.
  12. March 2021, Win10 64bit, latest windows update- currently only bbasic 32bit works for me. (64bit version would close immediately) No settings/paths are saved, but it edits compiles and saves. Just an fyi.
  13. v568 will immediatly close a couple seconds after loading. v554 works but it no longer remembers the path variable. Every time I open it, it thinks it's the first time. Running the winbat gives me a "missing SETX" error. This is driving me insane. I'm really hating Win10. It ran well at first. There also seem to be some odd issues with the score, where it no longer recognizes the default files as valid .asm files. I don't know for certain but I believe it's now causing programs that used to compile to crash now.
  14. I can't get the latest version of vbb to stay open on my new Win10 64bit laptop. It's driving me crazy. No warnings or security flags. It starts up for a few seconds then just closes. Any tips?
  15. Annnnd I also just noticed that it does not seem centered in batari, but off by a few pixels (about one digit) to the right. Is there any way to center it and/or make sure all 8 pixels display? -in batari standars kernel?
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