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    Movie Cart

    That should definitely be the next step. It would revitalize the homebrew scene. I'm playing with the title screen kernel now. Maybe that code could be modified to adapt this into a game with the custom hardware? Batari basic integration!
  2. freshbrood

    Movie Cart

    Will this ever be able to implement into a standard Atari game? Can we soon develop 2600 games with FMV cutscenes?
  3. I have been working on this publicly for a couple years now. I am 90% complete.
  4. I'm always working on it here and there, even if I don't update for a while. Memory is limited but I insist on squeezing the entire core game in. Other than frames the only major compromise so far gameplay wise is "Gman" will no longer punch or grab & pound, because the sprites look way too awful quad stretched, so I opted for a "Khan like" shoulder smash forward and verticle, but much shorter. And he still has his classic jump & stomp, fireball, & maybe a backwards stomp that stuns and hurts you if standing close on the ground. Not sure yet. Shang may morph back on hit instead of timer, (saves variable memory) etc.. but not massive changes.
  5. I have been playing with "Contrari" ideas in between my Ninja Kombat. Another beloved run & gun. I'm sure the engine could also be used for mega man.
  6. Projectiles will NOT pass through btw. The moment they impact they disappear. The moment your character is impacted their projectile will disappear. For example: You cannot get hit while freezing the opponent. Only one or the other happens. Whoever hits first. There will be no double ko's either. This is a limitation of the Atari. I am experimenting with balance such as having projectiles disappear a bit sooner once a certain distance behind the enemy in order to make the gameplay a bit more frenetic.
  7. So my laptop got destroyed and then my last family member that I was close to passed away, so it delayed things.. But I've still been chipping away and making great progress. I also haven't been that organized so let me state that so far there have been (2) version releases. I am going to start labeling them. The first version, .01 had the "Ninja Kombat" title screen, no collisions and some working projectiles. The second version, the one above, v.02 has the "Ninja Kombat" screen replaced with the dragon logo, projectiles disabled but collisions added. The third as of yet unreleased version, .03, will have a couple new sprites for Raiden (standing idle and walking) with a new color pallete. Possibly some chiptunes for the char select beat, and currently I am re writing the entire projectile subroutine to be more optimized. Originally I thought that when blocking projectiles, they all lost the same heath, but the numbers vary greatly and part of my delay is I am a perfectionist, and while some limitations can't be overcome, this will be as close to the arcade as you can get on the 2600. NOTE: I may release v.03a and v.03b; the difference being blood splatter. I am experimenting with some tricks, and while it won't be showers of blood- I have managed to get a little bit of splatter on hits. It looks great in 80% of frames. But being the 2600 there are trade offs, some of which being other frames have really corrupted colors (jump punches especially) and you can see the red blood color bleed into the top of low block, high kick and the forearm on uppercut. So when I am done in the next week or so I will put out both, and your feedback will determine if some blood splatter with corrupted frame colors looks better than no blood splatter mostly correct frame colors. Raiden's hat will turn square on action frames, and he holds both hands lower in his new pose. It's the best I can make him look and the new update will be his final version.
  8. So are either both p0 and p1 behind or in front of the playfield at the same time? Is is possible to have only one in front while the other is behind?
  9. I see you can make a 48p wide by 2 scanline tall multi color still image. Is there a 96p wide multi color image? And is that the largest size for a still image with multiple colors and no flicker? I'm interested in the widest, tallest 2scanlines tall pixels that I can use also with different colors on each vertical line. Would you pease clarify which of these would best be suited for that. Thanks.
  10. Update very soon. Couldn't time it to the movie but it's coming along!
  11. I playee with this a bit. Can I make a 96p wide multi color full screen image? It seems the larger multicolored images are only 48p but only the ROBOTRON text is 96p. I'm a bit cornfused on which one to use exactly. I'd just like the largest fullest screen multi colored image I could make, but also maybe with a scrolling text.
  12. Sorry. I was not aware they weren't all maintained by "the local Atari crew" lol.
  13. Possibly off topic, but I'm really confused about sound data.. When I think of 2 chanels, I think stereo sound. But also 2 separate tracks. But the Atari seems to have stereo sound but only one track? As the data for both chanels always must be embedded together- is that correct? Like if I only want 60 seconds of notes playing from C0, but I want the option to use C1 for other sounds later, it appears to create almost twice the code via the 0,0,0 for C1 for that full 60 seconds even if I don't use it. Unless I'm wrong? My idea was to have a perpetual drum loop on C0, with a randomized melody on C1 that periodically plays on top of that. But the way both chanels intertwine data into one stream seems like 2 separate and simultaneous tracks is not possible. Am I understanding this wrong? Because I'd really REALLY like the option to randomly drop one short mono track on C0 over another mono track on C1. Can this be done? I'm less concerned about saving memory. I'd like a perpetual loop with a track that can drop in on top of that loop but without interrupting that loop. Theoretically this should be possible.. But the two chanels embed into one data stream with MusicMaker.
  14. It may ne helpful to disable the other outdated links to older versions available on other pages. I will go to the RT page only for now, but other people trying to get into bBasic using a Google search will be led to many frustrating dead ends.
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