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  1. May I suggest my own project currently called "Ninja Kombat" that I began working on slightly before this one? I do not know assembly, mine is entirely in BBasic and the color palette is not as nice.. but with all due respect I feel the sprite graphics and gameplay engine is as close to the original version as you can get on the 2600. Still a work in progress with a new update due very soon. (My user avatar is Johnny Cage for an indication..) I also welcome anyone willing to help with the sound and music!
  2. KK/Altair I would LOVE some help with the sound! Happy to give you full credit and throw you something for your help! I will address each comment: 1) Proper gravity. Correct. The jump arc pattern is actually up, diagup, over, diagdown, down. It's not a perfect circle but mirrors extremely closely the perfect arc. This was a compromise on memory. The straight up/down jump can be easily adjusted, but I didn't think it was that bad. Be more specific please- -Does it go up too fast/fall too slow? Jumpkick/jumppunch? A lot of the timing is out of whack. The kicks are too slow, and I am going to eliminate "turbo punching". Press button, attacks, stops. Lift finger off button, press button again, attacks again. Previous code was working that way but was altered when I started playing with colors. I will get there. Right now I want to perfect the engine. Once engine is perfected it's a simple matter of tweaking timing and hit strength.* Consider it done already. *(So simple in fact that I could actually make a "create your own MK fighter game after this one!) 2) Each player actually only has one single column of colors that I simply shift up or down by a pixel or a few- if you notice the lower portions/feet tend to lose some colors while from the top down they are always consistent. It was the best balance of saving memory and aesthetics. The areas that they are still broken I just haven't bothered to adjust yet since I know it already works great on the ones it's not broken on. -just me being lazy/prioritizing engine over aesthetics. Consider it done already. 3) Raiden's famous hat. Yeah I tried a version where the default sprite had another pixel or two and set the player height higher on him with added colors. It looked -ok-, but it was also only on the standing frame. In order to implement his hat I would have to redraw many more frames, and graphic memory is nearly maxed out as it is. Since I use the same sprites for every character and the only thing that distinguishes them are colors, speeds, strengths and specials, I'd rather add a few extra pixels on top and color them red/increase player0height when hit so it gives the appearance of blood when struck in the face. (E.g. when struck, standing player0height rapidly cycles from 21 to randomly between 22-24, revealing a few random red pixels above the head that look like blood spray for a second) Compromises. Blame the VCS- not me. If you want Raiden's hat, are you willing to reduce the moveslist and animations for every other character? I certainly don't think it's worth it. Using the missile will always be the wrong color, still can only be square/rectangular shaped, and takes away from background effects.. (like the moon on the pit, blinking eyes in Goro's lair, the flying creature in the background, etc..) His body torpedo sprite will also need to be compromised as well as Sonya's leg grab. I still want the sprites/replacement moves to at least cover the same timing/zoning. (I.e. even if Sonya doesn't do a cartwheel and grab you bent upsidedown with her legs, it will still be a move that you can counter/dodge the same way- by ducking, sweeping, etc..) Goro also won't be doing any long punches, uppercuts or grab & pounds. (He's already double stretched chunky pixels, 4x stretched looks like crap) He'll still have his famous stomp, but the best compromise I could come up with that looked decent and still made him a challenge was to give him Shao Khan's "Shoulder smash". That way he still looks decent and at least has a forward attack, upper attack, missile and stomp. -compromise. Uses way less sprites too. I'd rather have a full set of characters with slightly different moves and appearances than half the characters that look perfect, (as in the Game Gear /GameBoy versions- all style, way less substance. Check it out on youtube if you haven't). What do you think? I suppose maybe if memory permits we might see Raiden throwing off his hat at the start of each battle.. maybe. 4) Controls are still directly related to issue 1). Simple fixes/timing tweaks. The biggest issue will be implementing fatalities, damage, level changes and of course sounds. *Keep in mind due to the very limited sprites, not every move can be "telegraphed" the same. With additional sprites you can see the animation begin to extend an arm, full extend the arm in the next frame, then contact. This just isn't possible with the memory, so to balance going from standing idle to fully extended punch, there are only two feasible options to add telegraphing balance: 1)Delayed press/reaction- you press button, waits a few milliseconds, then draws fully extended arm, or 2) Press button, instantly draws arm fully extended, creating p0/p1 contact, but counts a few miliseconds before registering "damage". I am still experimenting with these two options. **Oh, and secrets- A hint; Hold up or down on both joysticks in the same area on certain screens..
  3. Thank you very much! As you can see I feel it's very suitable! It just requires using only the most essential sprites in the correct combinations. I would like to try using Superchip ram to get more detailed backgrounds after I've perfected the game engine, if memory allows.
  4. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.binIf anyone is interested, I feel my "proof of concept" passion project has come along enough now to upload it and show you what is possible. I've been fiddling with this off and on for a couple years now. Firstly, this is my very 1st game designed on anything, anywhere. I know zilch about assembly or any other programming language. I delved into Batari Basic as a learning experiment and intro. I know we all prefer originals, but I found a template of an existing game was easier to follow while I learned. While I appreciate all the efforts I've seen from other homebrewers to create fighting games on the VCS, I just knew it was more capable of what's out there now. Some notes: This is a "pixel perfect" version. What I mean by that is that I wanted to recreate as faithfully as possible the higher def graphics using the chunky pixels in Batari- Instead of fighting the program I tried to work within it. Using the more "svelt" bodytype of the MK3 ninja fit very nicely into the 8pixel wide/doublewide frame of batari. I painstakingly studied and overlayed the batari grid over actual Sega Genesis graphics then tweaked them to look as close as possible. (still being tweaked) including jumping arc, height and attack reaches. (still working on the speeds, telegraphs & hit strenghts) but it is possible to get a very playable version that feels like a newer gen I think. I hope you enjoy what I have so far. I'd say it's about 65% complete) The missile has flicker, but at least I can have fully detailed and custom multi colored missiles. I even have barely enough variables left over to create homing missles while the player moves about. (Not implemented- Maybe in "Ninja Kombat 2" There is no sound yet. Not my forte, but if anyone is inspired by what you've seen so far and would like to contribute, I would credit you, maybe even pay a small fee or create a pixel art version of your face and add you as a character? As limited as my knowledge is, I tried to focus on style and substance. Gameplay is #1, graphics a close 2nd. The chunky pixels actually work in favor as every character is a pallete swap but with multiple colors that make them look distinguishable. MK is easier to do than SF2 imo because of the similar body types and fighting styles, but each character will not only have different specials, but also different speeds and hits (when I'm done. Not there yet but very possible to implement- i.e. a fast but weaker uppercut vs. a slower but stronger one) I've tried to recycle sprites as much as humanly possible to get a nice, natural anthropomorphic movement. (Low and high punches for throwing missiles, recycled spin ani for throws, etc..) Holding down+fire while jumping is punch. Just fire- long kick, fire+up, highkick, fire+back, roundhouse.. Others should be intuitive. Standing block will be ala SF2 so you continue to move instead of freezing in place. If hit while holding away, block sprite activates. All specials are down, back, fire.. down, forward, fired.. or rapid down/up. (Not only ease of programming but works better with the stick imo) Yes, I know many are still broken. Still a work in progress.. I am very nearly maxed out on graphic/sprite space.. but there will be fatalities.. of some sort. Anyways.. I've removed a lot of the hit detection and damage- also no A.I. yet in player 2- still working on it. Alot of junk code and notes will be removed by final. Please let me know your thoughts so far, and if you happen to discover any "intentional glitches" please keep those a secret for now so other players can enjoy them! *For a 2p game/demo press Joy1fire on the select screen. After P0 chooses P1 will be able to select. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.bin
  5. "The not-equal-to operator (!=) is not valid bB syntax. It does not work with batari Basic." Is there another way to say "if x is not equal to"? *Edit: My originial post was a typo. I meant to say if x!= Anyway.. If x<2||x>2 then goto.. seems to work. Same effect. Just uses a bit more memory than I'd like. Oh well. Thank you RT
  6. In Batari Basic, the if !x= statements don't seem to work for me at all. Perhaps I am doing somethhing wrong? I.e. when I write: ------------------------------------------- x=2 if !x=1 then COLUBK=Rand ------------------------------------------- Shouldn't this make the background color change? I could replace "COLUBK" with a goto statement and it still won't go anywhere. "if not" statements seem to be broken/utterly useless.. or am I writing them wrong? Please help.
  7. Omg thank you. I may now continue my project!
  8. Hello. I use pfscroll down for a graphical effect. Number of scroll counts down is random and varies according to user input. On a new screen I attempt to draw a new playfield, but now it is mis-aligned because I scrolled it previously. How can I reset the starting playfield blocks to their default position without having to know the exact number of times they were scrolled? Is this possible to do in batari? Please help.
  9. Hello. Using batari basic, I pfscroll down for a graphical effect. Number of scrolls down is random and varies according to input. On a new screen I attempt to draw a new playfield, but now it is mis-aligned because I scrolled it previously. How can I reset the starting playfield blocks to their default position without having to know the exact number of times they were scrolled? Is this possible to do in batari? Please help.
  10. Is there a way to get rid of the "waterfall effect" when using colored sprites and a colored playfield in the standard kernel? If it were static I wouldn't mind, but it moves and ripples as the player objects move.
  11. "Running the gauntlet" basically was a form of punishment where a person would run through the middle of a row of soldiers slapping them with their armored fists. The word is derived from the French "Gantelet". My vote is "Gantlet" for the official title. It's as close as you can get without copyright infringement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Running_the_gauntlet The word in English was originally spelled gantelope or gantlope,[7] but soon its pronunciation was influenced by the unrelated word gauntlet, meaning an armored glove, derived from the French: gantelet.[1] The spelling changed with the pronunciation. Both senses of gauntlethad the variant spelling gantlet.[1] For the punishment, the spelling gantlet is preferred in American English usage guides by Bryan Garner and Robert Hartwell Fiske,[8][9] and is listed as a variant spelling of gauntlet by American dictionaries.[1][10] British dictionaries label gantlet as American.[11][12]
  12. My go-to method is to use MS Paint included on windows computers. I draw a grid that's 8 boxes wide and however tall I need it. Then I paste in a .bmp picture of what I'm going for and drop the grid over it, then try to emulate that image the best I can in another empty grid next to it, using the chunky pixels of the 2600. That's how I got my avatar, which is just p0 and p1 side by side, with a 2nd frame of each on top. The flicker was minimal enough to show all the colors in a camera phone pic.
  13. Hello guys, another nooby question. Is there a way to share player color data the same way we can use data frame1lo and data frame1hi for sharing sprites? If so, a very simple example would really help. I am using the playercolors kernel. Thank you!
  14. I have the latest bblint and I've checked Win 7 compatibility mode. For some reason it just gets corrupted when saved on my Win 10 computer.
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