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  2. Looking for some genesis and SMS games. shoot me a PM!

  3. Not looking for anything rare of anything, just some fun games to play. Shoot me a PM if you have some you want to sell off. Also, I may be interested in a famicom disk system depending on price. Thanks!
  4. Bought a Sega Master System Model one. Came in quickly and was very well packed. I would buy from AX anytime, by far one of the best sellers around
  5. Anybody have a Working sega master system model 1 power base they want to sell for a good price?

  6. Anybody have a Working sega master system model 1 power base they want to sell for a good price?

  7. Just got a letter from the people at the foster home. I've blacked out the parts I legally have to but I wanted to share the letter with all of you. Thank you all again
  8. Lol screw that. I am not in the market for another one anytime soon. I have had enough crazy for a long time. ....but I could use the story to pick up a bar whore
  9. It all went great! sorry for the lack of picture I got swamped with christmas and a break up with my girlfriend. But the lady who runs the home was so happy and excited. I wish I could have been there christmas morning to give them the gift personally. Due to rules and laws in ct I couldn't because of the age of the kids. But thank you all again! This was a great thing for these kids for the holidays.
  10. Donated a whole box of games as part of a large donation to a local foster home. Very nice guy! Would do any kind of business with him
  11. Donated a PS2 memory card as part of a Christmas present to a local foster home. Great guy and would gladly, buy or trade from him anytime!
  12. Made a trade for a PS2 setup (as part of a foster home donation) Great guy, wouldn't hesitate to do any kind of business with
  13. Donated a game as part of a Christmas gift to a local foster home Would do business anytime, very nice guy!
  14. I have no clue how you got that here so fast! Thank you!
  15. Thank you! Have a great Christmas! I was planning to get one of the classics collections to throw in for them
  16. Was just about to PM you to thank you! Thanks, That's a perfect game for them
  17. So far I have: (I will update this list as I get more) Midnight club 2 (Thanks amiman99!) PS1 Philosoma loose (Thanks RJ!) PS1 Lode Runner CIB (Thanks RJ!) PS1 Scrabble CIB (Thanks RJ!) PS1 Game of Life CIB (Thanks RJ!) PS2 Hot Shots Golf 3 CIB (Thanks RJ!) Ps2 Puzzle Challenge Crosswords & More CIB (memcard inside pkg) (Thanks RJ!) PS2 Gran Turismo 3 A-spec CIB (Thanks RJ!) PS2 Skygunner loose (Thanks RJ!) PS1 and 2 games are both good And the age range is just teenagers 13-17
  18. One of the best lists I've seen. Lots of info, not just a picture and a blurb
  19. Thanks! If no one has any I will go grab some this weekend. Figured AAers would have some extras/doubles PM me, I will buy games off of you for a fair price
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