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  1. Hello Eduardo I sent you a reply to your email last night and I have sent you several replies in the past as well. Please make sure that I receive 2 First Run SGMs thanks ! .
  2. Count me in for one fo these ! and what is Pipplos that Bill reffered to ? thanks !
  3. Put me down for 2 maybe 3 skunks to help this case to happen snd come true. Many thanks!
  4. PM sent also PM sent for several of your other items as well thanks ! .
  5. Yeah That is VERY TRUE !!! I do not know the whole teams. But Kudos to you all who are involved in these stuff to make it all happen and come out for REAL !
  6. Retroillucid just said what I was gonna say haha WOW they fit in the Controller holders on the ColecoVision. Now I need to bribe you to make 1 or 2 ofthese for me ! . Please LMK how much via PM if you prefer to talk via PM thanks !
  7. YAY you always bring out the BEST for the ColecoVision same goes for Luc PixelBoy as well !!! I am very HAPPY that you guys do exist and you all have made me buy more games for my ColecoVision!!! . I will buy the Arcade Joystick and almost all fo the Releases by CollectorVision and PixelBoy and almost any other publishers as well . Now I hope my 2 SGM gets in my hands very soon . LOL..
  8. Congratulations on your 5000th post !!!! and now thanks for posting those screenshots. I was wondering what that game was in your avatar haha Now I gotta buy that game for the NES and CV once it gets published ! and for you milestone. Maybe you should republsih some of the CV games you had available in the past. And make more of these Arcade Joysticks for the ColecoVision PLEASE !!!! Thanks !
  9. I would buy a second run in a heartbeat. Same for boxset of GnZ 1 and 2 that would be amazing !!!!
  10. Impressive WIP ! I hope more of these excellent Smurfs games comes out for the CV !!!! put me down in for one of each titles including the Smurfs games ! when they are ready thanks !
  11. I am very interested in it ! but my soldering skills sucks so anyone here can solder it for me ? LMK send me PM thanks !
  12. I prepaid for 2 First Run Super Game Modules to Eduardo Mello on October 1 2012. And I have never received any of my orders at all not even one SGM at all.
  13. Hello yes I prepaid for my order of 2 First Run Super Game Modules in FULL on October 1 2012.Then on April 19 2013. He sent me an e-mail confirming about my order of 2 Super Game Modules.I sent him 2 replies confirming my address is the same and my order is correct. I sent him 2 replies to that e-mail and he never replied back to my e-mails.Then he sent me an e-mail on 7/25/2013 explaining that he had some problems with printing issues and box issues or label issues. I replied to that e-mail and he never replied back to my e-mail. So I have no idea where he is and what is happening. I just want my order of 2 Brand New SGMs to be in my hand. Keep in mind that 6-8 of the SGM games are SOLD OUT so I am unable to buy the SGM games. So I have no idea what I should do about this ! . I am very sick of reseller snagging up the extra copies of the games and just sit on them. Or throw them on ebay for high prices that is very UNFAIR to us collectors. But I do understand that the creators/publishers do not want to sit on excessive overstocks of their games.I do see resellers selling them for higher prices on ebay and certain websites ! Yes I had to vent here. So I hope Eduardo chimes in and posts an update and keeps us updated on our orders.But about the sold out SGM games there seems like nothing we can do about that. Except be a vicious vulture and watch ever forums,stores,ebay and other websites to buy these homebrews and ports to the CV system ! . Weird I tried posting image of my payment of $180 to Eduardo Mello on October 1 2012. Atariage forums said that (You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.. I have no idea why !
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