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  1. Darn it! lol Would have loved to have had a copy of those.
  2. Guys, I'm looking for the "Nostalgia S.H.I.T." parody videos. Those were awesome! Have they been taken down?
  3. I have one of those 410P models that uses an external PSU. The unit looks in decent shape, and the belts have recently been replaced. No issue at all with fast forward or rewind. It's the play that's giving me problems. There are times when it will start to play and then almost immediately it will stop. Other times it will carry on playing but you can see the counter going backwards. It plays any and all tapes in reverse. Any ideas?
  4. Not saying that I know him beyond what I've read here, but if you believe the above was even an option, then you know him even less than I do.
  5. Laying low was a helluva better option rather than "I have made the decision that my reputation is worth protecting".
  6. And here I thought that was a term of endearment. ;p
  7. You're referring to that Gamester81 vid? I have no idea what he was attempting to do there. Besides a whole bunch of other contradictions, he starts off by saying the goings-on with the Coleco Chameleon cannot be defended. And then ends up defending them anyway by insisting that Mike Kennedy should somehow still be afforded the benefit of the doubt. But people shouldn't get too worked up over this because...you know....starving children and ISIS. BTW, I'm still waiting for that meme to do the rounds. ;p
  8. There are some who kinda tip-toe around it, but Lon is not at all hesitant in labeling this whole fiasco as a "blatant fraud". Which is exactly what it is. And I agree, his tech channel is awesome.
  9. Public apology appreciated. One thing though, you didn't just "allude" to the community as being "haters" and "toxic", you flat out said it. Repeatedly. So it makes no sense to say you didn't mean to come across that way. At the time you meant exactly that. But again, kudos to you now for reaching out and admitting you were wrong.
  10. Not this particular incarnation of the project, but I seem to recall a podcast (not sure if it's still up) where he (Gamester) and a couple of his pals (Pete Dorr, etc) were going on and on about how Mike was being treated very harshly (especially by the folks on Atari Age) and that to them (Gamester, etc) it seemed that people wanted this project to fail even before it had the chance to really get off the ground. As I recall, they sure seemed intent on belaboring that point.
  11. They should have called it a day during the earlier "Power goes in, video goes out" part of the campaign. At least back then there was only a suspicion of a scam.
  12. I'm going to go ahead and say that, IMO, there's nothing "to get". There isn't anything to patent. They have zero, zilch, nada. That vid was meant just to appease in any way possible. That whole thing played out like parody tech video. If I didn't know any better......
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