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  1. I opened up my 850 and rewired the rs232 port to make it compatible with the standard IBM pinout. No more adapter cables needed.
  2. I think the Atari 8bit has some promise. These are some pretty impressive Super Mario Bros. demos that were done some time ago. main.xex Super Mario (PAL-Blending)PAL.xex Super Mario (Probe).xex Super Mario 3 PAL (1).atr
  3. It takes a 9v power supply. I'm pretty sure it is the same power supply that the 1050 disk drive uses.
  4. It fits in the PR Connection box. I am using a PI Zero. Very small. Only about a 3rd the size of a credit card.The GPIO is permanently soldered to the rs232 port.
  5. I use a Raspberry Pi Zero as a Hayes modem emulator over my Atari 850 or ICD P.R Connection. There is an app called Tcpser that will make the PI behave like a Hayes compatible modem. The Atari just sees it as a modem. Since the PI is wireless, you can be online anywhere. Pair it to your phone or hot spot. Here is an example of one working on an Apple II. Of course, for an Atari you will also need something like the 850 or PR Connection. https://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/215/putting-your-retro-computer-on-the-line I have my PI permanently soldered inside of my PR Connection box. I never remove it.
  6. I'm in the Charlotte, NC area. But, frequently in Asheboro, NC.
  7. I have an 800xl NTSC with a PAL ANTIC installed. It loads and plays correctly from SIDE2. Great game!
  8. tjlazer is referring to Mario Bros. Arcade available here, http://atariage.com/forums/topic/267300-my-8-bit-computer-5200-hacks/?p=3797543. I had looked for the same and only found the .car file. I was hoping it could be converted to xex someday so I could play it from SIDE2.
  9. I had an old Dell SK-8135 in bad condition. I reused the cups in my 130XE keyboard. They did the trick. Feels like a real keyboard now. Gives a nice pop back feel.
  10. Wow! I have FF on the 7800 too. I'm lucky if I get past 5 or 6 screens before game over. BTW, Howdy from Concord, NC.
  11. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281372-scramble-5200/ (playsoft) just released an amazing port of Scramble for the 5200. I really hope he ports this to the 8bit.
  12. I did something like this with the PI. Here is my post with some details. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/280099-weird-possibly-idea/?do=findComment&comment=4057945
  13. I have tried to find an NTSC version of NUMEN, but no luck. However, NUMEN will work on an NTSC Atari if the NTSC GTIA is replaced with a PAL GTIA. This version of NUMEN works on my iPhone.
  14. Here are some demos that I tested in Altirra set as an NTSC Atari 400 48k. I hope they work. demos400ntsc.zip
  15. That is a bit outside of my abilities. But, it would be nice not to depend on an 850 or PR C for rs232. If someone could do that, the PI could be mounted inside of the Atari chassis getting 5v power off of the main board. Just as a proof of concept, I have had the PI and Atari running off of a 5v battery with a portable tv. I paired it to my phone for internet. It worked great.
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