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  1. I have an 800xl with VBXE, Rapidus, Simple Stereo, SIDE3 installed. Drac030 has released a really cool Speccy emulator. It requires VBXE, Rapidus, Simple Stereo to be installed in order to be fully functional. That was reason enough for me to install all three upgrades. We didn't have Speccy in the states. So, I missed out on that scene until now. Now my 800xl runs most the the ZX 48k library. http://drac030.krap.pl/en-zx-pliki.php He also wrote a CPM emulator that will require at least the Rapidus and VBXE installed. http://drac030.krap.pl/en-cpm-pliki.php
  2. I came across this recently. ICEIRG These modes are pretty impressive displaying 256/192 with 20 colors using NTSC artifacting. http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=1099&page=1
  3. I was watching a video published just last month about analog TV stations that are still on the air and noticed what looks like an Atari Video Music still in use. Check out starting 7:37. Someone is still using this 44 years later. Really cool!
  4. I just got to Level 15. Level 8 is so hard though. Glad to read your tips. I lost some lives looking for missing jewels.
  5. I had to. He is everywhere else. 😁 Weekend at Bernies.xex
  6. Sure. Here ya go. I have it set up on a table. All power from the LCD. (Plato term, Last Squadron game, Google search, Pharcyde.org BBS)
  7. I recently bought a Trexonic 12" portable tv. It has a USB port on the side. With my Atari 130XE plugged in to the USB port and a Fujinet attached, I am able to go portable for about 45 minutes on battery. I took it on a trip recently and I paired the Fujinet to my phone. I spent hours playing games, testing platoterm, bbs's, etc. I have a TNFS server set up. So, I was able to access all of my Atari software at home, while in the passenger seat going down I95. Lots of fun!
  8. It turns out that it is the old Atari psu. I made a psu with an old Linksys psu. My Atari boots right away with the new psu. Thanks everyone for your input and advice. I'm back in business.
  9. Thanks everyone all of the helpful tips. I also want to replace the power adapter. Does anyone have a recommendation for a clean 5v 2+amp that I should purchase?
  10. Great idea. I just tried this. My multi-meter is only showing 1.5v when powering up. After a few sec. I will retest and notice that the voltage is gradually rising.
  11. Yes. When I turn it on, the power indicator is very dim. Almost unnoticeable. It gradually brightens. Pressing the reset does nothing until the power light is fully illuminated. The process takes sever minutes.
  12. I grabbed this from a previous post. I have the one on the right. I think the left one is the notorious ingot.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I just bought replacement caps.
  14. So, I have a fully loaded Atari 800xl. Ult 1MB, VBXL, Stereo, SIDE3, Fujinet. For the past few months it has started to take longer and longer to turn on. When I flip the switch, the power is dim and slowly brightens over several minutes. When the screen engages, I know that I can now press the reset button and start using it. I will pull out the SIDE3 and Fujinet, and then plug them back in once I have power. I noticed it takes longer to warm up with these other devices connected. Does this mean that I need to replace the capacitors, or is something else failing? Thanks...
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