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  1. I was about to say, stay away from that 2nd snake. But, it is just a king snake. Red touch yellow, dead fellow. Red touch black, you're ok Jack.
  2. Mr. Bean credit screen. Mr.BeanCreditScreen.xex
  3. I bricked one of my 2 U1MBs a while ago. I wonder if Lotharek would consider offering an order option for just the pre-flashed MFP chips.
  4. And now the Speccy has SMB. Get it before Nintendo has it taken down. If the Spectrum can do SMB, you know the humble A8 can surely knock this one out.
  5. I love having the VBXE installed. Not just for the expanded graphics and ability to utilize a modern monitor, but now my 800XL emulates a 48k ZX Spectrum opening up a whole catalog of new software. P.S. you also need a Rapidus installed. If you have a Pokey stereo mod installed, you will get the added benefit of an AY sound chip emulated.
  6. I have a VBXE installed in my 800XL. I built an Atari ST 13 DIN to VGA cable and have it running directly from the 13 DIN port on my 800XL to the VGA port on the GBS-8200. I didn't install a resister for the CSYNC line. Would that also be necessary since it is plugged directly in the VGA port and not the P11 harness? Not knowing about the resister, I have had it installed this way for over a year. Never too late if it is better practice.
  7. I have a NTSC 800XL with an NTSC GTIA and a PAL Antic installed. I edited the game using Omnivore and changed value $D014 to $D013. It is now playing nicely on my 800xl.
  8. I wrote an AI pong game with Batari Basic some time ago that I just called Tennis. Press the player 2 button to start a game against the CPU. If you are using Stella, F3-F8 change paddle and ball size as well as speed and trajectory.
  9. I installed a USB power jack on my Atari 7800 using a step up converter. Works great. Your USB 5v power source will need at least 2 amps. At least for the 7800. https://www.amazon.com/Converter-Yeeco-Regulator-Ajustable-Transformer/dp/B011EBSKK0
  10. Inverse Atari key is (~). CTRL ' = (`). As the Montezuma said, CTRL 9,0 = {}.
  11. I opened up my 850 and rewired the rs232 port to make it compatible with the standard IBM pinout. No more adapter cables needed.
  12. I think the Atari 8bit has some promise. These are some pretty impressive Super Mario Bros. demos that were done some time ago. main.xex Super Mario (PAL-Blending)PAL.xex Super Mario (Probe).xex Super Mario 3 PAL (1).atr
  13. It takes a 9v power supply. I'm pretty sure it is the same power supply that the 1050 disk drive uses.
  14. It fits in the PR Connection box. I am using a PI Zero. Very small. Only about a 3rd the size of a credit card.The GPIO is permanently soldered to the rs232 port.
  15. I use a Raspberry Pi Zero as a Hayes modem emulator over my Atari 850 or ICD P.R Connection. There is an app called Tcpser that will make the PI behave like a Hayes compatible modem. The Atari just sees it as a modem. Since the PI is wireless, you can be online anywhere. Pair it to your phone or hot spot. Here is an example of one working on an Apple II. Of course, for an Atari you will also need something like the 850 or PR Connection. https://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/215/putting-your-retro-computer-on-the-line I have my PI permanently soldered inside of my PR Connection box. I never remove it.
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