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  1. I played and beat the one on the Dreamcast, it was a decent game. I got my share of scares out of it.
  2. added more stuff and removed the PS2 cause it is on ebay for best offer.
  3. Package 1: SOLD US Turbo Duo in great condition with hookups and controller Gate of Thunder/Bonks disc game only Keith Courage case and game Bonks Adventure case and game. Listed the Import PS2 on eBay today: SOLD I also have these: Psone: Darkstalkers: Nightwarriors Long box SOLD Clock Tower Clock Tower II PS2: Growlanser Heritage of War Skygunner Dreamcast: Japanese Dreamcast with hookups controller and Blue Stinger $Offers$ i have ebay feedback Stuff i am looking for: Checking your list
  4. Purchased a Dreamcast controller, smooth transaction.
  5. removed some items and added more
  6. Zaki

    My Auction

    eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120704201999 Forgot to post this yesterday.
  7. is cyber core for the japanese duo?
  8. what is reasonably priced? i know of one on craigslist that pops up for $50 from time to time.
  9. Zaki


    Thanks got one
  10. what kind of items are u trading for? Interested in some of your Turbo Grafx stuff
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