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  2. I will be there again this year! WOOT! Will definitely say hi to Dauber & Inky at the Pie Factory Podcast table!
  3. Just finished Mad Max, had a lot of fun playing it, and it's free with PS Plus this month! Moving on to Far Cry 5. The graphics are amazing, even on a standard PS4, so I would imagine even better on a PS4 Pro!
  4. I will be there again this year, and will have AtariAge buttons with my nametag on my backpack. I would like to meet more of our members this year! I had a great time meeting Inky last year! If you see me, please stop me and introduce yourself!
  5. Hello all! Last year at the Midwest Gaming Classic, I bought my first O2. When I hooked it up, the left controller would not move left. Today, I finally got around to opening it up, and swapping the controllers. When I fired it back up, the right joystick (now moved to the left), would not function at all. The pins are properly seated, the former left joystick is plugged into the right (thinking perhaps you need two joysticks connected to get it to work). Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Just finished "Horizon Zero Dawn" last night! Such a great story, graphics, game play, everything! Looking forward to the DLC in September! Now back to the massacore that is Nioh!
  7. I just received a used PS3 as a gift from a good friend last week! I have always wanted to play "Dragon's Crown", ever since it came out 4 years ago! So I traded a bunch of PS4 games I didn't play at all and used the credit to get "Dragon's Crown", "Nier", and "Demon's Souls". I am currently rotating between those three. My friend is also sending me his collection of games, which consist of the following: Borderlands (played on 360 and finished including all DLC) Borderlands 2 (played on 360 and finished including all DLC) Borderlands Pre Sequel (played on 360 and finished including all DLC) Army of Two Army of Two 40 Day Bioshock Infinite (played on 360 and finished including all DLC) Infamous 2 Dead Space 2 Limited Edition Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Battlefield 4 Motor Storm Motor Storm Pacific Rift SBK X Superbike World Championship COD Modern Warfare 2
  8. I am still very interested in this project, especially connecting any tape playing device to the Atari!
  9. So what you are really saying is that E.T. was the "Dark Souls" of the Atari 2600, and that everyone just needs to GIT GUD!!!
  10. Had a great experience trading/selling with bradd1978! Excellent communication via IM and text, provided extremely fast payment, item arrived packaged very nicely! A+ buyer!
  11. Gently used Atari Jaguar CD complete in box (box has minor damage to top) for $400 plus shipping. Will also consider trade for Wii U 32 gig complete set. Pics available upon request.
  12. Took your advice, got one from a third party vendor on Walmart's website. About $6 with shipping.
  13. Hello! Yesterday I picked up a Wii at my local Goodwill for $10.88. It came with just the unit and 2 controllers, no cords. Today I managed to get a used Wii power cord for $5 from a friend. Now all I need is the sensor bar. I am willing to pay bottom dollar plus cheap shipping! If you have one, please let me know! Thanks!
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