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  1. Really, If you want something with 'mass storage' back in the '80s over IEEE then several BBSs ran SFD-1001s. Basically, BBSs bolstering they have a meg of storage. This was a lot for a Commodore 64 back in the day. Even held more then a 1581 which came out years later. This excluded what was listed above of course. Just another option.
  2. Hi All, I have converted my Vader Atari 2600 over to composite a while ago. Recently, I started seeing these static hum bars going up the screen. Really wide. One very noticeable and another one on the screen not as noticeable. They slowly move up the screen. I don't remember them before. When reading about hum bars if I have two that means that it is a 120 cycle hum. I assume this means power supply maybe? I don't want to have to go out an buy another power supply if it is not. Any assistance would be appropriated.
  3. Thanks Thomas and SpiceWare. I'll give both a try. a) Trying my Atari 2600 with the Harmony cartridge on a CRT TV (which currently I was on a LCD Panel). Also, thanks for the explanation you listed about interlace/flicker. b) To test the LCD panel vs the CRT TV, I'll give Stellar Track and Dark Mage besides seeing what the normal screen looks like.
  4. Hi All, I did the composite video mod a while ago on my Atari 2600. Didn't think so much of it. All the cartridges seem to work ok. A little bit of tearing/visible lines on the very left of screen. However, it does work and play fine. Played a round of Combat and the number at the top were fine. Anyway, when I use my Harmony cartridge. I can barely read the text. However, playing the games everything seems to play as the original cartridges do. Not sure if there is a problem with the cartridge, the mod itself, etc... Anyone else experience this? BTW, I am in NTSC land. Thanks.
  5. I have a 4 switch black (vader) model. I would like to tap into this. However, instead of soldering to the pins directly or the underneath of the motherboard. Does anyone know where the best place to tap into them without ruining the board too much. If I have to lift a resister or two. Not a problem. Just don't want to solder onto the chip pins.
  6. Hi All, I noticed a lot of old game sources being released. I used ACME to compile for other systems. I was just wanted to know if there is a compiler to compile? EDIT: I got my answer DSAM
  7. Actually, I am quite impressed with http://awesome.commodore.me/forum/ forums. More talking about all commodore products versus just the Commodore 64, thou. However, there is a Commodore 64 section. The people that run this forum are actually pretty active as well. I see Kitty every once in a while on the Slay Radio IRC when the BBB is on. The front page actually stays current on new items for the Commodore as well. If Lemon does not come back up, I'll be their and on the scene database site (for Commodore 64 related items anyway).
  8. @hammerhead I agree. I was just about to post information that someone requested and then I saw the message "Temporarily Offline, will be back soon".
  9. Hi All, I recently got a Atari 2600 Vader (4 switch). The problem I have is with the video. The bottom of the screen has a verical bar on each side below the main picture. Also, the left side of the screen I see tearing. Anyone know what can cause this? Thank You.
  10. First, thank you very much. I saw the switchbox directly under Atari 2600 RF Sections and it shows the Atari input (phono jack) hitting a balun that does 75 to 300 Ohm. Thank you so much! Just making sure.
  11. I was looking at removing the switchbox and just getting a RCA to RF converter. However, I wanted to make sure it was a 75 Ohm output. Does anyone know how many Ohms is the Atari 2600 RF output?
  12. Hi All, Reading through the search area, I see that the MSS100 seems to be pretty popular. I can dial out with it fine. However, I would like to receive calls through telnet for a BBS. Looking through google.com, I believe the people on here got it working. I saw someone say over parallax that there are about 20 steps to make it work. http://forums.parallaxinc.com/forums/default.aspx?f=25&m=332138&p=32&ord=d Does anyone here know the 20 or so settings so I can receive calls with the MSS-100? I got the MSS-100 to take an IP and take modem commands to dial telnet BBSs but nothing more. Just curious, Mike Kagarise
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