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  1. Hi, i found this article very interesting. https://matthewearl.github.io/2018/06/28/smb-level-extractor/
  2. thank you all. With help from PeteE i was able to build all on osx.
  3. Thank you, i decide to stop here! Will stay with assembler only!
  4. Hi all, i was not able to install on osx. The installer can’t download the files, what is strange because they exist. I downloaded myself and disable it in the installer script. Then the installer make huge stuff, also make the destination path and put a lot inside. But the tms9900-gcc is missing for example. The installer stop with an error, see the picture. Any idee? or could someone post a ready to use osx build? The docker version is running, but this i don’t like, i want it native. Thanks
  5. Great👍👍👍 I use your Assembler for the Tomy Tutor and he has the TMS9995.
  6. Hi, any plan to add the TMS9995 new instructions like the load workspace pointer? Thank you Mike
  7. Hi, i just begin with some projects on the A7800, before i write for the vtech Creativision , in the past for the Atari Falcon. The A7800 is a great console and i think will bring ne fun to develop for. What i want to say is that i need soon help with the graphics because this i cannot. Regards Mike
  8. One of my CreatiVision, not as strange as the Ti but not bad.
  9. for me first the Enterprise 128 then the CreatiVision
  10. Rasmus: Pac-Man and Ms PacMan are using soft sprites for the ghosts' eyes. Are there any other examples? Yes, Shamus for the Ti use Software Sprites.
  11. "Is there a disassembler for Creativision roms?" Yes we have a special version who insert the CreatiVision special Bios calls as labels and not as numbers. Also insert the CreatiVision specific needed cart vectors.
  12. Wow what an intelligent statement! I find the Troll, where is my Price?
  13. Yes, come to http://www.madrigaldesign.it/forum/ and look on what games we are working. Take a look at our extended Basic. The CV time is just at the beginning!
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