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  1. I can help with the Software and also will buy some then.
  2. That’s cool. Is it possible to open yours without damage? I am interested what is inside.
  3. Here is now the complete project. Source and all. Run with the RAM/ROM card. Run is the normal Cart Slot because RAM used is at C000. If you want use with Mame you must use a patched version, here the easy one is to patch only for RAM at 6000 and change the link file then. Sometimes there are some timing problems with the vdp because Tutor do it fast. For setup the graphics i disable the screen and no longer problems here. turmoil.zip
  4. Here are the .bin file. Works well in Mame if you rename to jungle.bin for example or any other in the Mame list. At the moment only playable with the cursor keys, joypad support soon. TileBreaker.bin
  5. Here are the .bin file. Works well in Mame if you rename to jungle.bin for example or any other in the Mame list. d-station2.bin
  6. Here are the .bin file. Works well in Mame if you rename to jungle.bin for example or any other in the Mame list. d-station.bin
  7. Yeah, that’s right😂 Should thing about
  8. NO plan to sell other peoples work. I will give soon the bin files here.
  9. Here D-Station II on the Tutor, a lot more action. The video is bad because left hand with iphone, right hand try to play.
  10. What we do is a mixture of mame and a self-developed conversion tool. Plus handwork.
  11. Hello all, another one: D-Station on the Tutor. I wish all a happy new Year
  12. Hi, yes. I will remove some debugging code the i post here.
  13. Hello, playing the converted Tilebreaker game on the Tutor. Merry Christmas to all🎄
  14. Hi, i use the rom/ram card from tanam1972. If you want use full ram/rom range then you need use with the game adapter. But i use in the normal cards port because the ram/rom i can use there is at the moment enough for me.
  15. Hi, you got the simulator with one adapter for 32 or 28 eprom socket. Also one usb cable. The cable with the green you can connect to reset. Then after upload the machine reset, i don’t use. The win software ( and if needed the usb driver) you must download from the website. I also find tools for linux and want test on mac.
  16. This is the second one i use. memSim 2 from Momik. Is more expensive but he works with all i tested, Tutor, Vtech Creativision, Colecovision etc.
  17. Hi, I never was a hardware guy, only did some very small stuff, but I know want to learn this also. So I want to know how is the address decoding done on the cartridge port of the tutor (not the expansion port). In the cartridge port the RAM / ROM card from tanam work and you got the rom and also ram at c000. How they did it because the upper adress lines (a0 and a1 , means a14 and a15) are missing on this port? I ask tanam and he confirm me that it works. And what the following in the GAL chip did? ; ; PYUTA16KRAM.EQN - PYUTA2 RAM&ROM CARTRIDGE ; TITLE PYUTA2 RAM&ROM CARTRIDGE PATTERN A REVISION 1.0 AUTHOR TANAM1972 COMPANY PARALLEL COMPUTER INC DATE 1/20/18 CHIP PYUTA2 GAL22V10 NC A2 A1 A0 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC GND NC CE_n CE2_n SELEXM A14 A13 NC NC NC NC NC VCC EQUATIONS CE_n = A0 * /A1 + A0 * A2 + /A0 * /A1 + /A0 * /A2 + /A1 + /A1 * A2 + /A1*/A2 CE2_n =/A0 * /A1 + /A0 * A2 + A1 * A0 + A1 * A2 SELEXM = /A0 * A1 + /A1 * A0 + /A2 * A0 + /A2 * A1 A14 = A1 A13 = A2 Sorry for so much stupid questions, but maybe someone can explain me.
  18. Sure, is from http://www.momik.pl Is the memsim2 The site is in Polish but they speak english, and sometimes resellers sell on ebay.
  19. Yes, some are expensive. This one on the photo was not cheap. But the other one from poland only € 75 and work great.
  20. I have tested my second eprom simulator with the Tutor and it works great. Great for programming and testing, just send and run.
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