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  1. I've just received my Ultimate Intellivision Flashback from ByteKnight and just wanted to say how awesome it is! The instruction manual he put together to help you connect to wifi and upload your own roms is really easy to follow and the Flashback system itself is absolutely faultless. It all looks so polished -the "Mattel Electronics" loading screen as it boots up, the Emulation Station front end and menus, the box art, and most importantly the games play and sound just as they should (unlike the stock Atgames Flashback!). And they look even better in wide-screen with full HD (you can play it in 4:3 too if you prefer). The only thing I've had trouble with is getting used to the slightly different feeling side buttons on the Flashback controllers (the ones that come with the original Flashback - nothing to do with ByteKnight). They feel kinder on the fingers than the old Intellivison buttons, but seem a little less responsive to me. I guess they just take a bit of getting used to. So in summary, if you're thinking of getting one of these updated Flashbacks, do it! You won't regret it!
  2. It's a shame it was only the box art that was the same as the Colecovision Zaxxon. I remember being very disappointed when I got my Introduction copy - the gameplay and graphics were very poor!
  3. I don't know about you guys, but I've gone for Mouse Trap. It's going to be a close run thing, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. We've a proper contest on our hands! Nice score, Oscar!
  5. Blimey, you've definitely got the hang of this game, m-crew. Very impressive!
  6. 88,000 (sorry for the double post earlier by the way - I tried to post from my phone but found it didn't attach my photo first time round!)
  7. Surely it's a bit disrespectful to those with lower scores if you don't think it worthwhile to post yours?
  8. I remember playing this at the arcade years ago, but never played it on the Intellivision before. This game is hard!! 8,100
  9. I know - I realised the screen resolution was wrong when I started playing, but didn't want to risk pausing it in case it lost my game!
  10. My main tip would be to make sure you get all the bonus cash bags ($) you can, especially in the early levels. They appear at regular intervals based on the number of gold coins you pick up. If you're finding that the cash is appearing when you don't want it to, try to stick to sections of the maze that you've already cleared until you've drawn the cops away from the middle by tempting them towards you. Once the coast is clear, pick up some more coins to make the cash appear and then make your way to the centre. It's also important to lock cops behind doors whenever you can because, as well as giving you points (100 for 1 cop, 300 for 2 cops and 1000 for 3 cops), it also makes it a lot easier to get around the maze while they're locked away. Getting the bonus treasures (hat, crown, briefcase etc) are also worth getting if you can, particularly in the later levels (a heart is worth 5000 points!). Apart from that, just keep practising!
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