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  1. And my first Happy Trails effort. I totally messed up halfway through this game and went down to 1 life so I'm surprised I managed to hang on for a fairly decent score! Happy Trails: 125,461
  2. I've never played Loco-motion before but it looks a really interesting game. I'm a big fan of Happy Trails but I can see this has a bit more to it tactically. Here's my best attempt so far. I'm going to be away for a week so won't be able to get any more tries in for a while. Loco-motion: 29,105
  3. Jumping becomes very important from the fifth island onwards. Time your jumps so you manage to keep far enough away from the left side of the screen so you don't get bonked, and then hope that you can pick up a white hankie. Once you do, run as fast as you can to get to the right side of the screen!
  4. Improved my score a bit. I used to be a lot better at this - I keep messing up my timing on the bridge! Tropical Trouble: 8 islands, 8,300pts
  5. OK, first go at Tropical Trouble. I used to really like this game! Tropical Trouble: 5 islands (5,750pts)
  6. I haven't had a chance to play Tropical Trouble yet. Pitfall - 5 Gold bars
  7. Some improvements on my 100m and Javelin. I still can't really work out how the timing works for the second and third jumps in the Triple jump though. 100m: 11.59s Javelin: 81.12m
  8. For me, I have no problem with the invisible levels now. It's the ones after them - specifically those green spinny things! I just can't seem to stop getting wiped out by them. If I can replenish my shield/bases enough to protect me a bit more, that will help, but this game could really do with a hyperspace button like in Astrosmash!
  9. OK, I'm starting to get a little bit better at the running side of things. I'm still not sure how using two controllers helps things though, so I'm sticking with one for now! 100m: 11.91s Triple Jump: 9.07m Javelin: 73.09m
  10. Impressive, Rick! Great times/distances! Do you find using 2 controllers helps or do you have a different technique?
  11. Ah I see! I did try using two controllers for the 100m after reading your post, but I couldn't do any better than with just using one. I'm miles away from 11.5 secs for the 100 though, so my technique clearly needs some work! I'm sure you'll show us how it's done in due course! 😉
  12. I'm not sure what Intelligentleman's method is, but I thought I'd have a quick go to see what the game's like. I've never played it before amazingly enough, though I used to love playing Track & Field and Hyper Sports at the arcade! So, these are probably rubbish scores, but someone has to go first! 😁 100m: 12.74s Triple Jump: 8.59m Javelin: 62.12m
  13. Thanks Rick! That was the first time I managed to play that level without having my base destroyed. I was surprised I had so many ships remaining - usually I mis-time it and lose all my ships because the squadrons arrive at the enemy fleets at the same time and get decimated. This time it worked out pretty well and I didn't have to rely on the computer to fight for me.
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