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  1. 55,920 My score/hit ratio was better on this game but it's totally down to doing well shooting down the planes - if you get a good run on them, it makes a huge difference.
  2. I'm using a flashback controller and also finding it easier to use the right side buttons with this game. With my original Intellivision, I always use the left side buttons. They kill your fingers after a while, but I actually find the Flashback buttons a bit too soft. I think I press them too hard sometimes and they just don't respond for me. For some reason, this happens to me less with the right side buttons than with the left. It feels a bit weird holding the controller like this, but at least I know the buttons are going to work when I press them!
  3. I presume you're using the Intellivision controller? If you imagine your Tron is standing in the centre of the keypad (button 5), then you just need to press the keypad button in whichever direction you want to throw relative to that. So, if you want to throw up, press button 2. If you want to throw up and diagonal right, press button 3, if you want to throw left, press button 4, if you want to throw down and right, press button 9 etc. Hope that makes sense! 😁 Edit: Obviously if you're not using the INTV controller, this will be no help at all!
  4. Thanks cmadruga - very interesting! I've been trying to go for the big score targets, but sometimes I just hit what I can! I think my ratio was better the second time mainly because I coped better with the planes.
  5. I second that. Thanks for all your work Jacob - it's much appreciated. 👊
  6. I've only just started playing it but it's not bad actually. Not as good as 1942 but definitely the same sort of game.
  7. Thanks. It's definitely a nice feeling when the scores suddenly start going up! Must be fun when you get into the millions! Deadly Discs is a really good game. That's the great thing about the HSC - it introduces you to games you may have missed or wouldn't have tried otherwise.
  8. An almost respectable score (for me!). I need to get better at hitting the recognizer. I can see that it really helps if you can keep a few doors open as you start each new round! 290,600
  9. Yes, that's one thing I discovered quite early on! I think I'm just being impatient and forgetting to avoid being hit!
  10. Thanks! Getting better, but still not great. 😁 The scores you're getting are incredible - this game takes a lot of skill.
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