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  1. Finally finished a little project Ive been working on. https://youtu.be/SkjC860evrY

  2. This is a little project Ive been working on. I hope to turn out episodes weekly if it goes ok. https://youtu.be/SkjC860evrY
  3. It's battlefield Friday a Repvile X gaming

  4. Gamegaear, Super nintendo, and a friends sega saturn.
  5. For those that havnt played the psvr version, it is really damn good.
  6. I posted this here a long time ago when I found it on the xbox 360. Some time ago I tried it on the PS4 as well. Incase any of you have never found this it is possible to get out of Sovngardes normal map boundry and see some wierd things.
  7. Definitely. Yes it was alot different than the NES pro wtestking, I loved it though.
  8. Alot of Monster Hunter. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAqHUMCzyACeusQ4megJXg
  9. Price? This is one of the things my EZCAP does. Aside from game capture.
  10. Its you againt a huge horde. Kill small area bosses to capture control of areas untill you have the most control and or soldier count. Then fight map boss. HR is better than any DW in my opinion.
  11. I still do. I loathe digital content unless its free, a great deal or just the only way to get it. I hate the trend of going digital. I want something tangible to show for my purchase.
  12. Does anyone here still play Tribes Arial Assault? Its one of the few games that can still play online.
  13. I mean, you could play as a daytona racecar in Fighters Megamix so nothing really would suprise me at this point. Seems a tad weird fit but
  14. Good question sir, I have two channels. One is now a motovlog channel but was previously a gaming channel. It had or may still have a monetazation option that I never used because, for one I never put up content to make money and two I never felt my content was good enough for that. When I switched to motovloghing I obviously lost most subs I had there. Not a big deal, it was mostly arma and battlefield videos. So yes, even if I wanted to monetize I couldnt on the new channel with new rules. However, not once will you ever hear me beg to send me money, games etc or support a patreon page. I get why others do it, thats fine not hating on their way if doing buisness but its not what im about. Just being upfront. So when I ask to support my channel, Just asking to check it out. If you feel like my content is good enough for a like or subscribe fantastic. If not, thats cool too.
  15. updated xbox live tag is REPVILE X Add me friends. Especially if you you might be interested in paying some Ark
  16. Zelda Link between 2 worlds , Zelda Ocarina, New Super Mario, Mario 3d, any monster HUnter
  17. Hello friends, I've been slowly adding content to my gaming channel ( link in the sig block). Right now its mostly Monster Hunter World gameplay and some Monster Hunter 3 content. I have some Role Play Ark Survival Evolved stuff I'm working on also. I plan to start adding a lot more retro games in as well notably Atari 8 bit and maybe some Jaguar content. So a few things, If anyone that plays Ark on Windows 10 / XBOX that may consider collaborating with me, I've got a server running we can play on. Most of my footage right now is solo roleplay. If anyone wants to play some MH world on PS4 my gamertag is byondevl. Lastly, any support of my channel is appreciated. Comments, feedback etc. I never monetized before, I don't do Patreon, I don't ask for for donation or any of this stuff. Just doing this as a hobby really. I have a ton of games for a ton of platforms, so any suggestions on some content is welcome. I'm not particular interested in game reviews, Metal Jesus pretty much has that stuff covered. Repvile X Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAqHUMCzyACeusQ4megJXg
  18. The games have been at 40% at our TRU for a few weeks. I picked up a the only decent switch game they had left and a few wii u titles.
  19. You will be able to use one xbox live subsription with multiple accounts soon!
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