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  1. Dreamcast is probably my favorite game console..it has such character to it. Prices will depend on what model you find, though there is some rediculously priced standard version on ebay. $600 for a smashpack?? Some models are going to command some crazy prices: Divers, the biohazard models, hello kitty (one of the cheaper variants),Gundam, seaman/christmas seaman etc.
  2. Ive been waiting so long for this game; the original Alice was fantastic. Now if we could get get an Unreal game that isnt just multiplayer. Id love to go back to Na'Pali and mess with the four armed freaks again.
  3. Just purchased a NIB jag and a dozen or so NIB games, and a NIB XEGS.
  4. After a trial period with a coworker's 800xl, I purchased an XEGS from MYATARI last night. I was kinda torn between a 600xl with the memory upgrade or this pastel easter egg machine. I guess I went with the XEGS because it fit in better with my collection of game consoles. What should my first mods be for this? I was looking into either the sio2pc or sio2sd.
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