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  1. Dlc can be restored on the modded original boxes. Sadly multiplayer gaming is useless unless the game had lan support.
  2. Missed both of these posts....if either of you are down to play still message my xone account. CRO3
  3. What is the going rate for these at the moment? I have to make room for a new toy so im thinking about liquidating some gear.
  4. Ive always liked the way the tandy looked. That was the first computer I used back in 2nd grade. Still thinking about picking one up to. Add to my little collection.
  5. 007 might be the absolute worst fps ive ever played. It isnt terrible offline, but online is wretched. To be honest, both cods play very well on the wii u.
  6. This just happened http://youtu.be/FK9O4KzzlP0
  7. The entire os is pisspoor. The only interface that i liked was the old 360 blade.
  8. Non cussing non complaining? Lmao. Thats almost impossible as broken as this game can be.
  9. Skarrj

    7800 only b&w

    So I picked up this boxed 7800. There are no colors displaying in 7800 or 2600 mode except for yellow. Colors did appear for a moment but im not sure what i did to get them to come back. Ive fooled with both color pots without any success.
  10. Welcome brother. Im glad people are starting to take notice of the wii u.
  11. Batman....what a cheap kill pos.
  12. Had $10 credit waiting for me. You sir have my thanks. I never figured out how to get the codes and forgot about this.
  13. Blackops 2, cod ghosts , zombiu and cabelas dangerous hunts are marked down to $15. Now is a good time to pickup zombiu if you wanted to play it. Awesome game.
  14. What is the deal with the coin pickups...such a waste.
  15. There is an option to use stamps when you get to the text screen. I dont remember what button it is but its below the text window.
  16. Nintendoland I thought was actually pretty decent. Pikimin and the donkey kong games were really fun.
  17. 6hrs? You sir are in for quite the ride. Xenoblade was one of the best rpgs ive ever played. The last story was equally as good, just a hell of a lot shorter unfortunately. I actually like the characters in the last story better....one drunken harlot in particular.
  18. I expected alot of 2d shooters like the saturn.....nope.
  19. Cmon guys, no one wants to get in on the shenanigans? http://youtu.be/X5YVxTjSD0k http://youtu.be/x1PjsFjFwto
  20. http://youtu.be/kUglvO_LUL8 That ending makes me laugh.
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