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  1. So I started playing this pos again after a 3 or 4 month break. Anyone want to party up and play?
  2. So I just picked up a nice boxed copy of this. There seems to be very very little info about it other than a few paragraphs in some magazine articles. Any place I can find some more info about it? Is there a way around the 5 level limit?
  3. Robotron 64, Bio Freaks, Duke Nukem Zero Hour
  4. Gotta say, you have a great review channel there.
  5. Good game, but will kick the shit out of you at times.
  6. You sure you dont have a controller somewhere that has something resting on the button? This happend to me and it turned out to be a controller I forgot I had stored in a cabinet.
  7. When ps4/xpos are nowhere to be found, i think the wii u will do fine.
  8. Just need to say this, there is no lack of titles now. I have a growing wii u backlog and it is only getting bigger. Games are there and more is on the way. I think this new mario bundle is going to help especially since wii u will be available when the other systems will be scarce. Xenoblade will drive some sales if the shit ever comes out.
  9. And more than 5 tiny maps, not a half assed story mode, and didnt kick you out of lobbies.
  10. Do the analog sticks finally have acceptable resistance? I ive always hate how loose the resistance is.
  11. Zelda bundle will be worth more later...would like to have the zelda controller.
  12. . Still feel like the mid to late 90s were the golden age. Quake, unreal and diablo.......memories.
  13. Sigh... My six year old has been playing the shit out of it everyday for at least 2 years. She really loves skyrim and fallout vegas too. Facepalm. I have a mixture of pride and fear at the same time.
  14. . Everything doesnt have stickers. They give you sealed copies unless there is only one left..then you get the display case. Either you guys have some really shitty gamestops or everyone ive purchased from has been the exception.
  15. Pulled the same shit on me with quake 4. That has been the only time i felt lied to and ripped off by gs.
  16. . And it only records the last 5 minutes? What the hell good will that do?
  17. Waaaaay to much blah blah texts in the game. I did enjoy it however.
  18. Pokemon is the only thing so far to use the nfc function. The rayman thing was only a tech demo
  19. Yes..kids are hells minions when it comes to scratching discs.
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