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  1. Carmen ended up pissing me off so bad she flew through my windshield after I crashed on purpose. Needy whore
  2. Mike Tyson's punch out, I could relentlessly punish his ass. Took him down in round 1 once. I get my ass handed to me now on the virtual console port. I swear the flicker doesn't work the same as it did on the nes.
  3. Blood omen 2 is one of my favorite games. Idk it got so much flak, that game was amazing. Kain is a million times more likable than razaiel
  4. Monkey ball for the wii is on the top of my list somewhere. Flashpoint dragon rising is up there as well Most recently, 007 for the wii u. What a giant pos
  5. I think a big factor that effects her stats is online multiplayer. If you consider the sheer amount of players that purchase a game and completely ignore the campaign, the stats are probably right on.
  6. I actually shelved dragon age for about a year before i realized wth i was doing wrong. Once i realized to tank out my character and use wynn instead during the boss battles i murdered through the game. Did the first dragon you fought completely rape you also?
  7. The lynx is a hell of alot cheaper to collect for
  8. No doubt..I missed the disc access noise. Serious, you could try Ikaruga or last hope, even bangai-o is a really good shooter. Was playing around with unreal tournament earlier just owning the bots. Still looks amazing considering the age.
  9. Id love to be able to play alien front online again
  10. And fired up ecw revolution, wow......all I can say Sega swirl still holds up well though
  11. Well, how is it? Mii verse comments have been positive.
  12. And both will be found before anything is found in the video location.
  13. My 2600, sms, snes, nes, ps2 and xbox games either went to somone else in my family or were sold off. I didnt anticipate this collecting hobby until many years later or i would have kept everything.
  14. The dump wasnt the source for the stories, there was suppose to be a a separate landfill they were put in. At least years ago when i lived there the dump wasnt where they were suppose to be. If you ever saw the town, the only place that appears to be on a fill is walmart. My bet is nothing will be pulled from the dump. Sounds like false intel to get anyone remotely interested in alamo.
  15. Ha, That does appear to be what I remember.
  16. Ive see this in the past from US sellers, they were also sold as some type of cd prototype
  17. Where do they think this landfill is located? The only places I could narrow down to a suspected location was either where the mall is, near the imax, or where walmart is located. Walmart looks like the only location that seems to be an obvious landfill. Goodluck digging there
  18. Ive seen a version of yars with cutscenes of the bugs talking to each other, I have no idea what it was for though
  19. This isnt a new trend. If you were a kid inthe mid 80s, "Atari" was the 2600, "Nintendo" was the NES, and "Sega " was the master system. You didnt say to your freinds " hey, come over and play atari video computer system with me" You said lets play some atari. That shit just carried on with alot of people as adults. Thanks for the atari console trivia though
  20. If it has the battery doors id say that is a great deal. Gamegear is a fine handheld
  21. Weird, I use to live in Alamogordo and no one there even knew of this legend or where this burial site was suppose to be.
  22. Initial impressions; Im sort of shocked by the quality of the system. No doubt ahead of its time. Dpad works well, device seems to be built to survive a missile strike. The games ive played so far definitely have a uniqueness to them. They look very well compared to the emulated versions ive seen. Having alot of fun with gauntlet, nerd class??
  23. . You apply actual logic instead of nintendo logic
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