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  1. It seems does not work on Altirra emulator. It just destroyed disk image of that 2.6 F. Nothing show a true speed , just appear as "XXX" on emulator. So I have to test on the real hardware Atari 800 with 810 disk drive.
  2. Have an photo of replica exactly as on original cartridges ? I has only 1 original ACE80XL.
  3. UPDATED, CHANGED A DIFFERENT BOX NOW. Look at the 1st picture there.
  4. But I have seen this cartridge before. The label is different from yours. It has real full label compare to "Caution" etc ...It does works fine. So I already know what it is like in screen.
  5. Trying to loading up on my Altirra emulator and it just hang-up in blue screen with 1 cursor. That's it.
  6. Yes ....but I noticed someone on their YouTube and he order ALOTS of black rubber belt from CHINA ! I wonder where is might be ? for their 410.
  7. thank you davebatari, What about 1010 Hong Kong Version ?
  8. What ? Are you talking something else rather than regular timing belts ? Just for idler wheel shown only ? In that photo, right ? I apologies for misunderstand. Can you give an specific belts from Lowes that will work 410 & 1010 , regular 3 timing belts ? My apologies once again.
  9. Thank you BillC ! Lowes is even better close to my home ! I failed to understand , how can this rubber belt is prefect fit into 410 timing belts (3 of them). Because those rubber belt is different width ! There are link in UK that offer for 410 and has different width ! How is possible ??? Care to explain. A little off point , will those rubber belt at Lowes will also fit for 1010 (Hong Kong version) as well ???
  10. Thank you davebatari , I will make a visit to ACE Hardware soon and get over with 1 of four 410 recorder and see IF it is works ! If it is works, then I will buy all rubber belts for 3 remaining !
  11. Good evening davebatari, Where did you buy this universal rubber washers ? At Home Depot ? I has four 410 are broken. Wow all of them are broken ! Easy to take apart inside and replace that black rubber belt above in your 1st photo ? I know there are 3 of belts. But your photo only has 2 rubber belts ?? SO do I have to buy 2 of them ?
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