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  1. Hello to you all, I finally got BASIC Cassette version on my IBM PC XT 5160. BUT I would not figure out how to access to the internal HDD. There are HDD and 1 floppy drive BUT the problem , the version is Cassette ! How can I solve the problem ? I did typed "SYSTEM", "System" , and "system". Nothing works , try to access to MS-DOS Prompt from BASIC Mode. Anyone who can help me out of this issue ?
  2. Miker , It is NOT possible Prototype 1200XLS in that film. Why ? Too valuable to be damaged in any way of this fragile any Prototype Atari items. No way .. I recently looked up in full film in full HD. It is hard to tell if it is Dell laptop or Atari 800XL. Looks weird ....
  3. It is definitely Atari 800XL... Why it put it in this film ? It is aimless. It is insert retro computer in that film.... I would be more exciting if they are actually using a LIVE Atari 800XL in any modern films !
  4. ? I don't see any click to download from that web site ?
  5. See the YouTube and I don't see any enemies at all ? Early developing stage now .... Will work on Falcon as well ?
  6. Hello SoulBuster, Can you teach me how to getting works with my Atari 8 bits with my ATR8000 with CO-Power 88 & 64K ? In 1 day, i will connect my ATR8000 with my Atari 800 for now.
  7. Is that because of all different varies of cards installed onto 1 of 8 slots ?
  8. I wish that Apple II family would have the similar graphics chips like GITA on Atari 8 bits version or SID on Commodore 8 bits version ! But Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak does not want to installed them ? Maybe due too costly to make graphics chip on Apple II ?? To shave the extra nicely profit for those co-founder of Apple II without any graphics chip on Apple II systems.
  9. Hello to you all, I have an major problem like yours that has 5160. Okay, I have a few different graphics long cards & 1 short card onto 5160. I have a few different monitors. None of them is works expect Princeton HX-12 RGB is almost works BUT it ONLY show an complete WHITE screen ! What is going on .... I will list all the possible cards and monitors that I have in my hand soon.
  10. Yes, I had been playing the Miner's 2049 before with my hearing aid BUT it never be perfect translating from computer audio sound into my brain. Because my brain interpreted differently (!) thought my hearing aid alone. Of course, my brain is confusing all those "weird" sound that make no sense to me at all. But I would NOT figure out how to beat on level 4 or 5 ! Because I would not figure out HOW to jump in the middle of screen where it is platform stand there. I ALWAYS failed and jumped into suicide. I will search the photo on level 4 or 5.... and post it in 1 day. My mistake, it was on station 3 ! So, when I watch the YouTube and I must wait inside the elevator , I was transport into another elevator above by press the button down ? Is that right ?
  11. Really ... I wish I knew what the sound is like for me.... I don't like to admit but I am deaf , complete silent world to me. How old you were playing on Miner's 2049 ? My 1st 8 bit computer is Atari 800XL PAL when I was a kid as 12 old. I know it is late ....but it is better than nothing. I got this computer at Singapore at that time.
  12. I need an MAJOR help. I NEED TO KNOW the specific fuse (voltages, electric follow) to replace the complete missing fuse inside the lineage fuse cable. It is FIRST color RGB monitor for Apple /// ! It is digital, NOT analog like Apple //gs. Once I knew the exactly fuse requirement for 100 model, then I will replace it !
  13. Hello to you all, I need an major help ! I has 3 DEAD PSU for Apple IIe & + ! THE MAJOR problem, is HOW THE HELL I CAN open the stubborn metal case to be open !!! i DID removed all the screws out and still refused to be open the case at all !!
  14. Please check at Apple II hardcore web site there instead of this forum.
  15. I will check more later on. Will tell the exactly going on on this application. which image that I test first for now ?
  16. Finally I moved RCGUI into the correct folder and it works but I need to learn how it is works .... How long should I have to wait until it is finished converted ? I was upload an simple, test with robot like image. It was provide test image in the folder of rasta converted.
  17. There you go. When I try to upload 1st image and it failed.
  18. I did read help text ... too complex to understand how it is works .... When I launch rastaconverter.exe and it appear short message and suggest me to read the help text first ....
  19. let me check now .... Okay, there are the folder called RastaConverterBeta 5.1 on my Program folder. I did tired to launch .exe called RastaConverter.exe and it does not launch. It pop-up quickly like 1/4 second then quit itself.
  20. Need an help how to open the application (.exe) on my Window 7 ... I try to launch the .app and it does not work at all....
  21. Hello Albert, Please let me know if you actually done repaired your non-working Atari Falcon 030. Report back when you are really done on your Falcon. Hope to hear from you in 1 day.
  22. Hello Fuji-Man, Can you point where I can find this NVRAM Battery on my Falcon motherboard ? I have the same problem, it will not booting properly. It does show the computer is on BUT it does not work properly , however.
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