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  1. Hello to all, I am newbies my very first own Zoom Floppy Hardware. Here the problem, my Zoom Floppy does not communication to my real 1571 disk drive. I did try to click "Directory" or click on "Status" via on CBM Transfer (Yes on X-Cable feature). Nothing happening on my 1571 , no green blinking. It does power up on red LED. My Zoom Floppy show neon blue LED ON all the time (Is that normal for my Zoom Floppy ?). Help me out. Yes, I am trying to take a "test" on 1 of real Commodore diskette.
  2. Strangely, I always walked pass Kay-Bee many time in 1 of those malls in those heyday. But I never knew they does selling "left-over" Atari stuff in Kay-Bee !
  3. Thank you Jaybird3rd , Are you close to Curt Vendel ? Met him in a person before ? For me , never met him in a person ever. I wish I would love to met him in a person to person.
  4. Please forgive me for a little too strong question. His funeral web site does not say anything why he die of ? 53 years old ... I would love to visit there but unfortunately. I live too far from Yonker, NY. Yes, I did visited that town before. Just once.
  5. Hello to all, Anyone WHO KNEW how to move .sit file into disk image 800K ?? I can't figure out how to move from CiderPress application !!
  6. I brought it from local yard sale. It should be not be a problem with counterfeit. It is authentic TL-866 CS hardware.
  7. You mean, you pulled out the broken very white hole out after you put just 1 toothpick onto the old one ??
  8. Hello Cebus Capucinis, Did you poked toothpick into the broken key caps (hole) and super glue onto toothpick only ? Just 1 toothpick ? or more than 1 ? Have an photo on toothpick on the hole ? If just 1 toothpick , I think it would not be able to hold cap (9)...
  9. Thank you atrax27407 and it works on my program. Now, what I need the correct blank EEPROM chip... I was recently re-flash firmware as required. It does showing orange LED blinking (of course, no IC installed). Just the hardware. Is your last number "27407" is byte count on your TI99/4A computers ? Yes, I do appreciated your provide software above. Just a tiny confusing about the version different above yours : 10.29 but my App software Ver stated "6.85" and Firmware 03.2.86. So what is your number 10.29 reference to what software or different programs beside MiniPro_Setup685.exe ? Have manual book for this program ? A little off-point. So you are using your Mini Pro TL-866 Hardware for your EEPROM chips on your TI-99/4A computers + cartridges ?
  10. Hello to all, Can you be kind to give me an specific link to download the latest driver for my MiniPro TL866CS. Yes, it made in China. When I plugged , it does show Red LED on but no driver available. So if I download then my browser blocked this link and it say, dangerous virus in red PAGE. It is nice to have this lovely device programmer for any chips to burn-in ! minipro_setup.rar, this file is so HARD to downloading ! It take forever to downloading , never able to finished. I can't find directly link that easy to download into my torrent program.
  11. Okay compare to ADAM's tape recorder, what is it's speed ? cm/s ? Compare to Rambit 4.76 cm/per sec. And again, what is normal speed on Atari 1010 without any upgrade ? 1.0 cm/per sec ?
  12. Anyone who know how to using CP/M daughtercard on Indus GT Disk Drive ? I can't figure out how to make work on my Atari 800XL with Indus GT with CP/M small card ? Anyone ?
  13. Does your Atari 1010 Rambit move high speed just like ADAM computer's internal tape recorder ? SUPER FAST LOADING on ADAM tape recorder ! SO I thought if it is the same speed on rambit , too ?
  14. This eBay item : https://www.ebay.com/itm/254664248714?ul_noapp=true That is THE WORSE FILTHY EVER on Apple IIe enhanced ! BIG WOW SO SO SO FILTHY ! Good thing, it is NOT mine but someone else ! WHEW ! It is really blew my mind away to see that kind of condition !
  15. Is that Eastern Egg on NotePad ? Not sure what you mean last line ? Give me an example to type on NotePad ?
  16. Hello Leech, What printer did you using on your Atari 1200XL ?
  17. Is possible to replace NotePad for Atari BASIC version C on Atari 400/800 instead ! Yes, 1 chip.
  18. Hello leech, Can you tell me what I am seen your dip switch on your Xetec Graphics device. "1 off, 2 off, 3 on, 4 off, 5 off, 6 off, 7 off, 8 off". Please correct me if I am wrong or right because it is hard to see your dip switches either down or up. Yes, I do have this same device as yours.
  19. If that photo (Atari 400) made in Hong Kong. Then why I am seen that guy was not Chinese Atari worker ? What more , just ONE Atari employee in that photo ??
  20. I wonder where was that assembly line to made Atari 400 ? In El Paso, Texas ? In that photo above.
  21. Hello Ibaeza, Yes... that would be correct ... thank you for the answer. I forget some of abbreviations on Atari BASIC keywords ..... (shh ....). So it is BASIC source code in hex or what ? Yes, it is mystery but is BASIC or something else ?
  22. 2nd photo in Hex screen. Why I am seen "G. 9" that means Graphics 9 mode ? Am I wrong at this time ?
  23. Are those 2 clips .mov in sound ONLY ? No films at all, just sound ?
  24. Hello to all ! I just very frustrating with my TRS-80 Model III without internal disk drives. Just has to used on CCR-81 Tape recorder as the only source to loading into computer. Now, my main question. How the hell I can loading Assembly Language Tutor ??? I did typed "SYSTEM" then enter "ALT" and it NEVER finished loading the magnetic tapes ! Yes, I did enter "H" for cass speed. Still Nothing works. I set the volume to 6 on the tape recorder. Really I am LOST to that tape recorder to computer !! The computer , itself works fine in short BASIC program. It does executed fine.
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