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  1. Hello Curt, Did you testing any 8 inches floppy drives with that daughter card for Atari 8 bits ? Ever work ? Have shown on the screen display ?
  2. It seems don't hold the highest score in the top & middle of screen when it is game over .... Yes, I do like fast action .... Finally it is works on Altirra 3.20 test 2 at last . Thank you , Author .
  3. Quasimodo seems to be pirated software and it said, "Sorry , no game today". It run on Alitirra 3.20 test 2.
  4. Why Ms. Pac-Man+ (5-11).xex has failed to load on the latest released Alitrra X64 3.20 test 2 emulator ? I used to have older version of Alitrra like 2.90 something like that and loaded fine with Ms. Pac-Man+ (5-11).xex and now latest released Alitrra does not like Ms. Pac-Man+ (5-11) any more ....
  5. No , sir. "5". Where can I find LED display on the web site and paste it here ? That what I seen "56". First it was stated "66" but when I hold down LED and it changed from "6" to "5". so it is "56" instead of "66".
  6. Checked Checked Checked. Checked with DOS 2.5 and give me an error with formatted issue. Not checked yet. checked and I settled Indus GT as drive 2nd and my SIO2SD as drive 1. Checked.
  7. Hello to you all, Just wonder what manufacturer & model for 2 different monitors set in the YouTube ? Any idea ? Each of those monitor 's screen (glasses) really ODDLY with frame around the glasses ...
  8. hello to all, I know it is old tread but my Indus GT pop-up to be a problem. The error pop on display LED "56". What that means ? I did tried to loading 1 software diskette into my 800XL NTSC. Nothing happening expect 800XL drop into "READY" mode. Help me out . Yes, I did read the error's list above and none of them is match ....
  9. EVERYONE & SOMEBODY who love to buy your next beloved Broken Macintosh 512K(w) with extra hardware ! Yes, sadly it is broken computer . I was hoping that someone knew how to repair broken computer ! Please check eBay item : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 302910375071 There you go !
  10. Then I will ask the creator of this small CP/M card and ask him to drop off the disk images here ....
  11. Hello to you all, Let make an simplest of all. Why not, some of you already made an prefect disk image with fixed 3 sectors and drop the disk images here ready ? Why not ?
  12. Updated , I changed my mind for 1. Please changed for TWO
  13. Hello to you all, I would not figured out how to beat in Necromancer ? I am still stuck in level 3 or 4 , that's it. And Miner's 2049 , too , still stuck in level 3 or 4.
  14. Hello to you all, Is possible for you to help me out how to rescue my failure 3rd party tape ? I will post an photo soon. Yes, I know "Zaxxon" is everywhere online BUT I have another title named "Spelling Bee" on that same type tape color. I brought it in South African Mall when I was a boy.
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