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  1. Hello to you all, I would not figured out how to beat in Necromancer ? I am still stuck in level 3 or 4 , that's it. And Miner's 2049 , too , still stuck in level 3 or 4.
  2. Hello to you all, Is possible for you to help me out how to rescue my failure 3rd party tape ? I will post an photo soon. Yes, I know "Zaxxon" is everywhere online BUT I have another title named "Spelling Bee" on that same type tape color. I brought it in South African Mall when I was a boy.
  3. Finally , the high score able to save on the high score BOARD at last !
  4. Sometimes in later on issue's , it may be appear some re-corrections of mistake basic lines from their previous issue like Vol 1 , No. 1 as for example. I do not know which later on issue's.
  5. Hello to you all ! I have an tiny problem with my lovely device called APE ProSystem and Atarimax SIO2PC USB Interface. When I transfer from real 1050 drive into my Window 7 Folder. The image is there BUT only has short cut file. So what is the really problem ? I connected my device from keyboard's own USB port to my PC Tower.
  6. Please meet me at my vehicle on the parking alots. I do NEED to barrow adapter for my NON-TI joysticks. I have plenty of NON-TI joysticks lay around and I would NOT find my own TI joystick right now. It is SOMEWHERE in my garage. Thank you and please PM me in private chat. Thank you once again.
  7. Thank you for clear up. Just wonder if anyone will bring their prototype 99/8 into our Fest West 2018 ? I know it had been debated before .... (shh...)
  8. Why move from Lion Hotel to this public library instead ? Any reason why ?
  9. Please pardon me for my not update the location on April 28th. So you are not plan to set up at The Lion Hotel in Woodland ? You changed a new location to Vancouver, WA Public Library , is that right ? What is the address at that public library ? Downtown Vancouver or outside somewhere ?
  10. Hello to all, I finally found mine SIO2PC Universal Interface last night. I just hooked up from Drive to PC. It plugged on my keyboard's USB port to PC Main computer. I am using Window 7 (Still..). I have a problem with saving disk images from drive to folder on PC. The disk image is there BUT unable to locate the file ?? What is the problem ?? I don't understand why it is happening ? My PC say, "Missing shortcut - Windows is searching for SAM.ATR. To locate the file yourself, click Browse". Really STRANGE ever.
  11. I has 2 of them. This is for spare piece of 6 pins. In case if at the end of game cable 's pin is broken or missing pins like that. It is good for replace the broken piece into this spare one. Mine is a little different, 2 of them are not for Apple I/O Game port and it is for something else.
  12. do you have an photo on it ? Sound like home-brew ?
  13. it is for 6 pins Apple Paddle or Joystick instead of standard 9 sub joystick. It is Apple joystick version, NOT Atari joystick.
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