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  1. So Atari PC1 has the same behavior as on IBM PC XT MS-DOS 2.11 ? Right ?
  2. Really funny , the way he was typing on his non-power Atari 600XL keyboard ! Yes, it is black paint all over the place.
  3. Wow .. what a mess. It looks like nightmare designs inside. 64K ram instead of standard 16K ? Missing TV and switch at the back. wow ... again. It has big blue capacitors. Why ? Problems with electronic flowing ? Or difficultly to control electronic flow ? It seems don't have power source to plug at the back ? Ever tested on the monitor and see what it is like ? Same as full production on the display "READY" ? I see there are serial #5 in prototype stage. I know you said, FIRST. Just puzzle me ....
  4. Hello KLund1 , Do you have happening to own Apple RGB Color Monitor 100 ?
  5. I recently read the first link. It says, it must accept ONLY between COM1 to COM4 and I settled as COM5. So I will changed from COM5 to COM4. I will let you know if it is works at this time... Report back. It still failed in COM4. My serial adapter is not cheap manufactured. It is well known name. My author of ADT Pro software for Apple II computer. He recommended me to buy this genuine serial adapter. Maybe my serial2SIO device is really broken ? Why ? Because SIO port is a bit bend up. It is not really flat. That is my main suspect ... I will give you the exactly name of this serial adapter. I found the link : https://www.amazon.com/Tera-Grand-Premium-Adapter-Supports/dp/B00BUZ0K68/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1519945014&sr=8-13&keywords=serial+adapter Look at Amazon which I ordered over 3 years ago. It is works great on my Apple //gs to my PC Tower. See it is PREMIUM product.
  6. Hello to you all, I have an older Serial 2SIO device , (NOT USB2SIO) BUT serial. I recently brought serial adapter to connect between my PC Window 7. My ProSystem 3.0.3 (Full version) seems does not detected on my Atari 1050 (Yes, it is on and it is on Drive 1). I only see my serial adapter is on with blue LED on. But I don't see any activity on Serial2SIO device ?? Must I download 64 bits driver for my serial2SIO ? BUT I have another USB2SIO device and it is works great with just USB cable only.
  7. Good morning Gunstar, I still have hard time to believe , is REAL thing Starman , Telsa vehicle in real outside space for REAL ? BUT when I saw on the TV channel and it looks like fake , look the background of earth and space. It is not quite right ....
  8. Hello Exxosuk, Did you re-produced the faults error on your own Atari ST or collected from millions Atari ST owners around the global ?
  9. Good evening Gunstar, Easy to add-on 5 volts on missing pin PBI port for 800XL ? Which pin is missing for 5 volts support on 1064 ? Are you plan to add wire from missing pin to joystick port a pin 7 internally ? That's it ?
  10. I am sure , someone who knew how to fool 1064 memory dock to think 600XL there but is actually 800XL ? Yes, modified inside 1064. So 800XL would nicely jump from 64k to 128k !
  11. I remember I did update to the latest firmware on my SIO2SD device and it become non-working and I had sent to 1 AtariAge guy in NJ and downgrade once more and it is works fine. It seems only work older version , not for faster speed on the latest firmware.
  12. Good evening Mr. Fish. Why you called yourself Fish ? Any reason why ? I do like your intro arkwork from the original Dig-Dug ... But not in playing mode there .... You did sent upgrade in "playing mode" level 1 , better than photo on XEGS Original Box. I thought you were working on this issue which you did sent an photo of photoshop - Level 1 ?
  13. Hello Turbo-Torch, I found out on the info on Wiki - Tandy 100. It stated "Power Four penlight (AA) cells, or external power adapter 6V (>180 mA)". Of course, it does not saying anything about limited watts ? My 3rd party PS is 6 watts. So is it safe to using on Tandy 100. Is polarity in negative or positive ? Is Tandy 102 has the same power supply requirement as 100 ? Thank you for response back How should I know which shape in power tip in plug ?
  14. HELLO TO YOU ALL, I need to know if it is safe to use 3rd party Power Supply called "Recoton" and model AD-100. Specification : 6 watts, 100 mA or 300 mA. Range between 3 volts all to the way to 12 volts. So I choose 6 volts for Tandy Portable Disk Drive , Tandy Portable Computer 100 & 102. So my question , Is safe to use this 3rd party power supply to plug any of those 3 devices ? Yes, I realized that Disk Drive required to have 400 mA instead of 300 mA. I see , there it is conflict between original Tandy Power supply say, 8 watts compare onto the lable 1.5 watts (drive). I hope you would be able to answer my questions above.
  15. But it is 300 mA, sir and please re-read at post #21.
  16. Hello to all once again, Can we let start over once more time ? Any one of you has the knowledge which devices or applications that can be using on this 3rd party power supply that limited to 6 watts , 300 mA and range between 3 volts all the way to 12 volts switches ? It would be non-Atari applications or devices as such. Any ideas that might be ?
  17. So MUST I disconnect of this 3rd party power supply ? What about Jr ? Jr is using less power than full fleet 2600 ?
  18. Hello Swami again, Thank you for clearly up the details !
  19. 9 Volts, sir. So 12 volts, 300 mA will make heat up on motherboard. I see and thank you for correct me
  20. Hello Swami , 30 % higher voltage for 12 volts ? or 15 % for 12 volts ?
  21. "Basic" cart or BASIC cartridge ? Like common cartridges , not on rare cart that require to drew more power from mA source ?
  22. Is safe to switch from 9 Volts to 12 volts and make "make-up" power for 300 mA limited ? Because that 3rd party has the switch from 3 volts to 12 volts. Right now, I leave it settled to 9 volts as default.
  23. What is "Vox +" ? So it is speech Synthesizer. Nice features to add-on onto 2600 or Jr !
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