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  1. What is "Vox +" ? So it is speech Synthesizer. Nice features to add-on onto 2600 or Jr !
  2. Hello to all , I found 3rd party in my garage last night. it says, 6 watts, 9 Volts and 300 mA (not 500 mA). The company called Recoton AND model : AD-100. it is in ivory color , most unusually color for 3rd party power supply for Atari 2600 & Jr So I need to know if it will work on either 2600 or Jr WITHOUT ANY DAMAGED TO motherboard inside ?
  3. Hello C0op3r, Is this Frankenstein Apple IIgs motherboard into Apple Platinum IIe case ? And is possible for you to named all those cards you had been installed into motherboard ?
  4. Apple IIgs would be nice to add-on AppleWin but it is 16 bit computer instead of 8 bit... In the matter of fact, I has Apple IIgs sit next to my currently PC Tower ! I am using Apple IIgs for ADT-Pro transfer data between IIgs to PC.
  5. Why not update to Platinum IIe , IIc & IIc + ? I don't know who is the author of this AppleWin ...
  6. Finished a test on your printer at this moment ? Let me know ....
  7. Good morning David, here is the challenged. If you already knew how to make transfer ProFile 5 Mb ( SOS format) on Apple /// from my PC to my Apple /// ? Because I do NOT know how to installing complex SOS system on ProFile alone. It would be much easier to transfer ready disk image 5 Mb SOS format ready with ready system and software. Will it works ?
  8. PASSED THE TEST ! Working now. Thank you , David once again !
  9. Hello David, I recently download an complete Firefox 64 bits and download Java 64 bits and it finally works ! I am re-writing over 2.0.2 onto exiting 2.0.1 now.
  10. Hello Intymike, Is possible to find this specific cable on electronics online ? For their ancient radio FM carry-out ?
  11. Hello Intymike, I brought 1 tape called Maths Amarda X-6200. Is any worthy ? Just wonder. I see you brought all 3 tapes after me. I would have brought all but I decided to pick just 1 , to test on my Aquarius Original Tape Recorder. I also brought Original Printer for Aquarius. I noticed at the back of this printer. It has 2 audio ports for computer BUT I checked my Aquarius , it HAS ONLY 1 Printer audio port ! That is conflict ?? I has only 1 audio cable for printer for now. So I thought it would be possible like 2 audio pins into ONE audio cable (1 audio pin) into computer instead ?? Like RARE hard to find 2-1 audio cable ?
  12. I am bit frustrated with my new ADT Pro 2.0.2. I recently download your newest version 2.0.2 instead of 2.0.1 It seems not work. I believe I downloaded a newest version of Java Script. Builtin version : Version 8 Update 151. When I click on "Serial" button and it appear "There are no serial ports or the serial library RXTX is not installed or visible. " BUT there are completed installed everything included RXTX programs. I am using on Window 7 Professional.
  13. I found a few photo a way back to 2007. When you entered into their property. You will noticed a prefect red Atari Fiji Logo between road and their property ! Nice design ! I asked for permit to enter their building in 1 a time. So I took a picture from inside room. White brick , see there are Fiji Atari Logo ! I wish I would traveled back in the time and visit the a LIVE Atari, Inc in that time !
  14. I found my photo of former Atari Corp. Here it is the photo. And pay attention to the stamp of date & time when I took a picture at front Atari Corp Blgs. Noticed there are prefect Atari Fiji Logo within the buildings itself !!! It is Jan. 8th, 2007 4:38 pm.
  15. Hello Wiualum04, Did you tested your 130XE on another monitor ? Be sure, your 130XE working. Did you re-adjusting all knobs at the back of this Prototype XC1411 Monitor ?
  16. Hello R.CadeFirst, hold the break key and press reset, and you should get a "Cass?" prompt on the screen. May I ask you why my Model 4 has behaving this way ? At first, when I turn the computer on, it was appearing in normal display without re-adjusting brightness or contrasts. But somehow, when I insert the CP/M diskette then the display had acting so weird with "[email protected]" everywhere on the whole display then it had been disappearing. When I was forcing to hold down "Break" when I press on Reset button and re-adjust the brightness & contrasts for the first time ever. SO MY QUESTION is WHY my Model 4 acts in this way due of poor internal monitor itself ??
  17. Can you tell me what is the command for load directory list ? What is the exactly command for load & save programs ? For directory , I thought of DIR, CAT, CATALOG , all failed due wrong command. Yes, for Model 4.
  18. Where is Disk B ? It ask for Side B... where are they ...?
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