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  1. I think the biggest thing wrong with it is that it isn't a bullet hell shooter but rather a bullet heck shooter. There really isn't that much action on screen even in maximized situations, while the sprites are bigger than any 8-bit system could render it still reminds me of 8-bit shmups in the degree of screen action. I really hate big foreground elements, every single game that has done this has been annoying, it may aid the depth some but it blocks gameplay. Too bad they couldn't get the background moving since that is the place for parallax. The graphics are very 90s, it's true about the decade that it would constantly tell you it was the 90s in all media like you couldn't read a calendar. It does have good visuals in places but it is undermined by some bland CGI models despite good ones, random rainbow color splashes, and Photoshop splash screens, they literally just put cat head photos on human bodies. It really isn't a bad game just a meh game, in a genre where developers try to trump each other this was a dull entry. I'm just glad the Jag got Raiden and that Xenon2 port looks excellent.
  2. Yeah that's what I could find on Neo Geo specs, every part of the rendering pipeline has dedicated memory for each process. I went looking for a way to expand memory on the Jag but it's pretty hard, you have to go through the DSP and the CD unit and bios are in the way of that while the cart slot is too slow for RAM. It's hard to use little system memory with lots of CPUs but even mid 90s memory was still too costly and is the usual first thing cut from consoles. Well I don't think the Neo Geo is overrated but it was never going to be practical for home consoles, it renders many huge sprites easily but the entire hardware is just not affordable, a long lasting arcade standard but not for home markets despite the AES being a reality. Those massive cartridges are neat but insane when you consider the era they were made, I like many Neo Geo games but several hundred dollars for each game, no thanks. I know the whole porting of Neo Geo must have been a pain for any developer, not till the Dreamcast could you match more of the originals. I played those ports like most people, some were better than others, easier on Saturn with a RAM cart but decent enough on PS1. I'd say at least Jaguar carts can be larger now which should help, even in 93 it wasn't too hard to reach the end of what you could do with 8MBs. Personally I love cartridges but I'm not shocked games started coming on CDs in the 90s with the manufacturing costs, its funny with flash drives optical disks are being made obsolete and now I'm fighting to keep optical media being stamped at all with streaming cutting into Blu-ray use. I really like having the actual game rather than a server ID. With the Jaguar I hope more carts can be made since although JagCD production is cheaper there is literally less CD units than base units, the CD add-on is expensive, and the mechanical issues don't help matters. Emulation still needs work on the Jaguar imo, I'd like to see a more active emulation route for homebrew like the Intellivision has, discounted ROM sales and USB adapters by the thousands. Oh and some more Skunk boards too, when most people only have access to the cheaper/common/worst games on the system the public just thinks the Jag is bad EG. like Towers II is good but way too expensive.
  3. Is 30 fps bad in 2D, is it the dropping below that standard that causes the jerkiness? Must have been hard enough that fewer games had parallax. Watching that video above again it reminded me of how many of the Jaguar CPUs went unused for straight no frills Amiga porting, kind of like the Saturn which had one idle CPU in most titles. 3D has a harsh ceiling but I'm certain the Jaguar can do a lot of cool 2D given the chance, not Neo Geo good but far and above the SNES or GEN/MD. It was just the timing as it licensed from 16-bit titles which the Jaguar really had no problem running, too few Raymans and a few too many CGI graphics which didn't age well. Would really like to see modern CGI applied to the Jaguar, just watching Lunacy on the Saturn atm and everybody looks like they are wearing rubber masks.
  4. Strange quotes when I think about it, consider neither made either genre or used either rendering method in their games, one never made a kart game and the other made an FMV game. Maybe its buried in their resumes somewhere idk. Well I don't have anything to say about frame rate, I don't have the numbers on that. But as far as Mode 7 on 3DO running poorly or being hard to do, I guess that could be true, probably worth trying again. With the 3DO it just did polygonal race tracks which have a lot more depth. I suppose you could just use a gridded polygonal sheet instead to simulate the look of Mode7 on 3DO, heavy on the subdivision to prevent texture warp. I will say Mode7 is smoother in perspective correction kind of like how raycasting is compared to true texture mapping on this grade of hardware. I don't know about a single frame but Gex has parallax scrolling in it. Can't disagree with the price point aspect, a lot more money for not much more power, that is kind of problem with that whole generation of hardware IE. limited 3D, 240p, hope you like FMV lol. I think to some extent JagCD dodged the FMV craze better than most consoles of the time that are littered with such "games".
  5. Well the 3DO hid its shortcomings well, never noticed that about SSF2T. Mostly with the Jaguar any flaws are clear as day while the good things go unnoticed. The SNES has a very underpowered CPU but the fan boy heads are so far up their own asses they can't hear that fact. I mean SNES helper chips are a nice option but it seems like the console itself gets all the credit for that except when it comes to the Super FX chips which even fans acknowledge as separate. With fighting games I'd been thinking maybe the Jaguars ability to set resolution where ever it likes might come in handy for fitting in all the frames usually cut in ports of this time. Like using the SNES res of 256x224 to aid in fitting such large sprite data demands into less memory. It would vary some since SF2 has fewer frames and a smaller size than SSF2T, as does MK1 compared to MK3.
  6. Heh easy there buddy, that middle area between generations is an odd time for all hardware, 32X, 3DO, and CD-i are pretty confusing in strength level, stronger than SNES for sure though. Nice link though, just started watching that channel.
  7. Well the Jaguar got one of the least worst Bubsy games, its generic but not offensively bad like the first one and the 3D one. Personally I prefer Bubsy2 but Fractured Furry Tales is okay except for the oddly shaped platforms with tricky collision boxes. I heard the original creators lost control of the property and hired developers made the sequels which is sad despite my dislike of the original game. I kind of wish it were more like Super Mario World but he runs like Sonic except the levels aren't really built for running fast. I will say the shift of the character further back from the running direction when ramping up speed is a good idea to aid lead time for jumping obstacles. Still wish he had a health bar. There was a lot of Sonic clones but something often overlooked in his design is he spins like a wheel which aids his racing momentum and ability to plow through enemies that his clones don't like Bubsy, Jazz Jackrabbit, Super Frog, etc. I really hate Bubsy the character though, kind of wish Bentley Bear had his own Jaguar game instead. Shame he has so few games to call his own, many people mistook him as Deku Link in Wreck it Ralph. More Bentley please.
  8. Compared to a SNES or GEN/MD, loads more. Even with the lack of dedicated memory or processors for common engine functions far stronger than 16-bit hardware. Even with the math not quite adding up to 64-bits of powers, far stronger than the SNES.
  9. Why not just cut SFX down some like screen door the transparency instead of alpha blending? Gee I didn't think the Jaguar was that hard pressed for parallax, 3 layers is a lot huh? If the memory for the game is that large there isn't anything one can do to increase that 2MB other than cutting things out. Does it have to double buffer, would it get that unstable visually without it? I guess that is a dumb question with the lack of video memory. I'm not pressing you for a port but I am curious about the bottlenecks.
  10. That is the tough part, the hardware can display such an image but there isn't enough memory to do so. I've been mostly shooting for the half way mark of 480X360 as a goal for crisp image rendering. I mostly base this on how Midway arcade games like Narc and Mortal Kombat had moderately more screen resolution than home platforms but even small jumps over 240p still look better even on SD-TVs. Storage is hard too, on carts a few choice splash screen at higher res sound reasonable but you get into something like Myst and you need that CD streamed storage format to have that much content at that level of fidelity.
  11. To a programmer I'm sure it is a non-issue. To a doodler it's a path to navigate depending on the color depth and style of graphics used. Different paths for retro style, photorealism, etc. GIF and TGA both offer different things from each other, different strengths and weaknesses. I'm ignorant about how these support aspects come about, what makes a Jaguar support a particular image format but not another? Yeah I think top cart size was 8MB, pretty big for the 90s but it probably would have grew more if the platform took off. I was just laughing with my buddy about the present time we live in where memory is so much cheaper, what an age to live in. 2MB is a pretty good size of RAM for the time, a little undersized for 3D but more than capable for 2D. I see that is the rub/versatility, very much like its ancestors. That's the tricky part actually getting into the guts if of it, makes questions about it hard to answer or even ask. I could see how that would be a tighter fit with the shared space and being variable there is no one answer. Oh heavens no lol, any anti-alias attempts would be in very isolated rendering environments like a single cube maybe, was thinking about the 8-bit alpha channel in 24-bit color TGAs. Well alpha masking exists in Jaguar games but it sounds like there isn't any standard approach but nicking 1 color off any palette index should work. I'm crazy and foolish but not so much I'm thinking about multi-pass texturing on the Jaguar. I don't know how far I can get to that point of actually poking the hardware, still trying to get one first lol. I'll make note of Gorf and Co. for later, at the very least I understand better that there aren't many simple answers for the Jaguar performance because of the customization aspects of coding for it. That makes it hard to describe in lay terms. I'm plenty serious about the platform but I'm still working with a head full of bad wiring so don't get your hopes up. That is what I was afraid of, that gives me both hope and trepidation for picking resolutions. I've been busy but as soon as I knock off a couple chores I'll delve into rB+ more thoroughly, appreciate the directions to answers, don't know where I'm going half the time. Heh, yeah I've spoken on Jag Doom before, appreciate the performance of it but it shows what can happen without a dedicated sound chip, give people a general CPU and they can use it to make games without music. Okay I will keep that in mind. This is a lot more varied than I imagined, a lot more about real experience than standard protocols to follow which you get with more dedicated hardware setups. Heh my artist, I am the artist, well that is my stronger skill set. In your basic outline description it sounds like the Jaguar would have no trouble with odd resolutions so I figure true double wide sprites should work rather than wasting space drawing them literally double wide in the bitmaps. Sounds like the Jaguar could emulate the Lynx visually quite well, get the window to fill the screen as much as possible. I like the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player but the window is fairly cropped and not very versatile in display size options. Poor choice of word I guess, yes it doesn't have a preference but there is a national average most games used for the most part, like PS1 textures were always about a 1/4 smaller than PCs did around the same time. You're right though, this is something better answered in implementing code because it varies. Whatever I do I think I'd start with 2D first, 3D atm is little more than I should chew on right now even though it interests me. I don't have an aptitude for programming so that is going to be uphill all the way for me. I really want to try hard to make something with as much of my own steam as I can because actual team efforts are far and few between but I have a real defeatist stance on my technical ability that I'll have to get over. Nobody hold their breath please. Believe me I get the rub of big idea little work thread dropping but like a fan club any interest is good interest. Almost forgot, what is that carrot icon about that you use?
  12. Thanks, I'm happy with any answers. That surprises me about about custom JPG, well JPG at all, makes sense though with regards to 24-bit color images even if low res. I should have expected Targa, that fits with what many developers used at that time. Converters cool. Wow that high, thanks for the reference info, I didn't know any demo maker names. I've seen a few on YT but I don't think they are all up there, had some ups and downs using emulators IE. mostly works. Yeah I never intended to go HD resolution, a lot of consoles can go higher but never really do like the SNES spec of 512X448 lol. My pushes in resolution have been modest so far and only for 2D projects, 384X288, 400X300, and maybe 480X360. But they all depend on how programmable resolution is on Jaguar, having gone through the 90s SVGA phase hardware varies wildly in screen modes supported IE. that one does this mode but that one doesn't. As far as 3D you're just lucky if you can do 320X240 full screen with a frame rate in double digits most of the time at this range of throughput. I think some people think I'd pitch crazy ports like Quake1 even though the Saturn struggled to approximate the PC original. Didn't think there was a Blender converter yet but I do think it would be a good idea to support a freesource high quality modeling program. Depends on the program but old consoles can inherit some old tools sometimes or difficult content paths. Food for thought, I wasn't making any specific point. I remember Milkshape 3D, it got used a lot for Quake mods, that is probably my best bet but I'll weigh the options. Mostly threads about Blender conversion are more about .3DS changing to Blender format rather than the reverse in my search about it so far. A lot of Jaguar 3D is in prerendering sprites so 3D format shouldn't be an issue there, that is mostly a palettization and exporting bitmap matter. For that I've been plotting out palette index arrangement options but I'll have to see how that jives with GIF and TGA limits. CGI is a lot better these days and it can apply to the Jaguar to some degree, mostly the display resolution limits how much shows through on Jaguar but we can be certain that 90s 3D rendered models and FMV don't look so good now. I guess with fairly minimal real time polygon rendering it shouldn't be too hard to use any modeling program, even if I don't like the program we're only dealing with basic meshes and poly counts that program preference shouldn't be a problem. You wouldn't happen to know how well the Jaguar deals with triangles versus quads, that gets a lot of debate. I understand the benefits of quads but without triangles its a struggle to transition edge counts up & down in a concentrated manner. Been mulling over variable quad scale on a project as a means of doing interior and exterior spaces effectively, larger scale outside and smaller scale inside. Mostly the matter has been a Poly Count versus Distance versus Texture Scale versus Texture Perspective Correction Subdivision. Texture scale seems to need to lean towards the larger range based on game examples of textured polygons but I'm not too sure how that applies to the system fill rate? My buddy and I would always discuss this a lot since I'd be shaving as many polygons as I could and he'd say subdivision wasn't that bad for frame rate sometimes IE. small polygonal segments draw faster than big ones. Mostly I've tried to keep it simple as possible based on the requirement of a subdivision pass when textures are used. Thanks again for the post, so much better than debating the "point" of everything.
  13. Sorry I missed the joke. I just remember a thread about Knight Rider that might have been a troll but it could have just been a naive hopeful wanting a 2600 game of his favorite show and he got way, way, way too much flack for it. People can say whatever they like, but if somebody stops by to say I'm wasting their time when they voluntarily waste their own time posting, I cry "shenanigans" to that. I think people forget you can just ignore things on the internet, you can just skip whole sections filled with things you don't like rather than complaining. Too right, better than ever for the Jaguar. I just can't abide by concrete stances on a mutable platform, like was the Jaguar solely built for classic gaming or was that Atari's attempt to open up to a larger realm of many genres? If it was that I don't think they took advantage of that quite enough.
  14. Oh sure content isn't much good without code to drive it. But if nobody makes content for the Jaguar aren't you kind of left borrowing assets or seeing what you can come up with in Photoshop? With the 2600 I concluded it was heavily steeped in the "one man band" structure because of the limitations but the Jaguar is diverse enough in rendering quality that it can accommodate more than only one programmer.
  15. I will do that, thanks for the directions, keywords are everything and I don't always have any. I came with mostly basic questions and didn't ask anybody to answer all of them, some people just see a wall of text(On a mobile?), an assignment or job I guess. I'd be happy if even 4 questions were answered or even to hear their thoughts or opinions on the hardware parameters. Every bit helps. I'm used to the rigidity of the platform audience but its never been quite this hostile before, well it was a rough start at Sega-16 with one guy probably because of my icon design.
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