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  1. I originally didn't have either. I had a 400 instead that was later replaced with a 130XE. It taught me how to program. All of the 5200 library was ported over by Glen The 5200 man back then so I didn't miss much. Now I have a 5200 and XEGS. The 5200 is out in the game room and is played regularly. It just fits better with the other systems and looks mean.
  2. Received it next day on saturday. I ran the smoke monster jailbreak on it. Now I don't need my old Super Everdrive. It still tells me I can't run Super Mario Kart due to unsupported enhancement chip. I could have sworn I got the latest jailbreak to run that. Oh well. Do I want to send $200 for a FXPak to run Star Fox and a few other games?
  3. Got shipping notice today on the Super NT. I wonder how many they made in this batch? What's the minimal number a company can have manufactured? 500? Why can't they make it 10K and reduce the price for a larger order? I'm thinking they probably don't have the money for manufacturing larger quantities.
  4. Did they ever say when the new batch would ship? They sure took their money fast enough.
  5. The Super NT classic, Super NT-SF and Super NT-Black are all gone. The NT Min Noir is $499 and is still there. Who the hell needs a $500 NES?
  6. Analogue's Super NT when on sale again today. It was gone within 20 minutes. Thanks bots! How come they can't make enough to always have stock on hand?
  7. Analogue's Super NT goes on sale again today. As expected, you can't buy it since their site won't let you put it in the cart. Thanks bots! What idiots are running that site?

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      And this is why i don't even bother with Analogue 

    3. GoldLeader


      Glad you got one!!  I love Analogue stuff!  But yeah, their website selling out of stuff or not working,  is no fun.

    4. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I thought about making the effort to get one as I dearly love my MegaSg... but decided that between my original hardware's solid composite output and my Snes Classic's 720p (with Hakchi), I'm in decent enough shape that it's not quite worth the $ and effort.  Now if they had it up for sale for several weeks, it would at least be on my radar in case it worked out right.  But getting a sudden email saying they're going on sale in a day and will sell out fast...just feels like unnecessary pressuring.  I again love my MegaSG... but come on Analogue, be professionals.  Make more, sell more, order more, sell more.  Give the customers what they want, make money, make everyone happy.  Not that hard when you have a sought after product.

  8. The kids are going back to in person full time high school on April 12th. Hooray!

    1. GoldLeader


      Get outa here Kids!  Yay!  Beat it punks!

  9. I don't think I ever saw a Federated Group commercial that highlighted anything from Atari. I'm wrong. I found one for the Atari 400 for $197!!
  10. The dark line segments on the left are normal and part of the game. The black lines are the result of using a programming trick developed by Larry Kaplan that uses what's called an HMOVE command. If an HMOVE is initiated immediately after HBlank starts (which is the case when HMOVE is used as documented), the [HMOVE] signal is latched and used to delay the end of the HBlank by exactly 8 CLK, or two counts of the HSync Counter. This is achieved in the TIA by resetting the HB (HBlank) latch on the [LRHB] (Late Reset H-Blank) counter decode rather than the normal [RHB] (Reset H-Blank) decode. The extra HBlank time shifts everything except the Playfield right by 8 pixels, because the position counters will now resume counting 8 CLK later than they would have without the HMOVE. This is also the source of the HMOVE 'comb' effect; the extended HBlank hides the normal playfield output for the first 8 pixels of the line:
  11. Whenever I try to ignore someone, the system posts that they wrote something but won't let me see it. That is good but I would prefer to not even know they posted. However, when someone quotes that ignored person, I see what the ignored person said. That kind of defeats the purpose of ignore. Is there anyway that can be fixed?
  12. Today is the third day of the rest of your life.

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