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  1. The youngest finally turned 13 today. It's the beginning of the end.

    1. GoldLeader


      It'll be OK...Life has a remedy  (Raises Glass)  🍻

  2. Well the trees are up and the turkey and ham are in the oven, hopefully Santa won't be late.

  3. It would be interesting if we could purchase an Omni core and cartridge port for the Phoenix in the future.
  4. Any chance we will see Pac-man DX be released? I have an old beta that doesn't really work very well on the Phoenix. It would be nice to have the completed version. How about Space Invaders DX, The Maze of Galious and Lady Bug? I know DK is pretty much dead.
  5. What are you going to get your favorite wookiee for Life Day on Sunday? Remember, he already has a comb.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jaybird3rd


      Maybe a new set of Whisks so Malla can STIR-WHIP-STIR-WHIP-WHIP-WHIP-STIR!

    3. Flojomojo


      Power washer for the Falcon interior. 



    4. Grig


      A talking Han Solo mask





  6. I love this game. It's the best game I have for the Phoenix. Very well done platformer.
  7. Mine is more of a hardware problem since the cartridges don't work at all. White screen every time. We will work on an exchange this week.
  8. The 2600 core is in color. I turned it off and back on again and reselected CV and it is in color now. However it refuses to acknowledge any cartridge plugged in now.
  9. A cartridge will always generate a white screen. Without a cartridge, it is in black and white with the switch. I've even restarted the switch. I'll try it directly now.
  10. I do have a switch between the second tv and the Phoenix. Turned it back on with no cart and it's in black and white.
  11. Other TV returns a white screen with any cartridge. Without cartridge, I get white wavie lines. No picture. So far not impressed.
  12. I think I have a bad unit. I can't run any cartridges. Every cartridge including Syndey Hunter brings up a white screen. If I start without a cartridge, I get the startup and then a list of colecovision roms. I've updated both cores found a the top of this page. I'm going to try a different tv.
  13. Got mine today!!!! What serial number did everyone get? I got 000326.
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