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  1. It's amazing how no one watches movies at the theater anymore. I went to see a movie last night and the theater was empty.

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    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I grew tired of movie theaters some years back, after seeing one-too-many films that were projected badly in a crappy theater. After that, I'd only go to really well run/maintained theaters (ArcLight, Dolby Cinema), and then only rarely (usually for big-screen blockbusters). There aren't any good theaters nearby, and they charge more, so it just became too much of a hassle even before the pandemic.

    3. thanatos


      (pre covid) The night before the last Avengers movie, I had bought the only seat so far for the showing, right in the middle.  Paired recliner seats, which clearly show as pairs on the website.

      I get to my seat and there is an entire family of 5 in the row, with someone in my seat.   I get there, show my ticket, and the mom makes her kid move out of my seat, and I would have sat next to her in the paired seat.  I think I said out loud "Are you fucking kidding me?"  Moved down one row where nobody was.  What the hell is wrong with people?

    4. doctorclu


      I tend to go to movies for the "Rocky Horror" experience myself.  So the clapping, the reactions, the shared experience.   And the popcorn, my wife likes the popcorn.



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