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  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys.
  2. Looking forward to seeing a few folks from here at the expo.

    1. retrorussell
    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If you see a naked guy, that will probably be me.

  3. Glued box, really got me there. Anyway, go play w/ shawn now.
  4. Uhgg, hate little twits like you. Go play with shawn and leave me alone.
  5. Very nice, looks in better condition than mine. If you want to sell P.M. me with pics. of everything in the box, all box angles, etc. Thanks, Chuck EDIT: I posted before I read the "unopened" part of your post. I get excited easily. Can you open the box w/o ruining the box? If so, please p.m. me the pics.
  6. Does anyone know if their is a way to change a 'Wanted' title thread? I bought one game game and only need the other.

    1. ClassicGMR


      After you click on EDIT there is an option for USE FULL EDITOR. You can change the title there.

  7. As to the original topic.... Arcade version hands down. I luckily grew up during the arcade craze and no way in hell does any emulator or whatever compare to playing an arcade cab. or pin. If all you have is an other than original to go on, you really missed out on the arcade experience. Luckily I still have a great arcade, with original machines in Ground Kontrol.
  8. P.M.ed you last week, are they still for sale?
  9. I agree with w/ M.K. , looks like Survival Run 100%.
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