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  1. This was an interesting one. I posted about Laura Scholl and her career on the Fbook group. Laura Scholl Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Art Newman University. Her story is much more interesting to me than the carts themselves. Graphic design/Computer graphics, art direction on movies. Plus we see some history on someone that we may not have if these carts didn't surface. It would have been nice to see the inside of the carts or the gameplay. Maybe the buyer will be in the community and can shed some light on them. https://www.studiolaurascholl.com/bio/ They went for a bit more than I thought. I figured $600 maybe 800.
  2. You may want to contact Syd Bolton at http://www.pcmuseum.cafor a DL II port existing. He wrote the book on Dragon's Lair. He has a line on the Readysoft/Digital Leisure owner. His username here is sydric.
  3. Selling off some items. Cross posted on the Atariage facebook group. All have been tested except the NES Multicart. My eBay seller id is dobidy. Reasonable offers on anything. Shipping on a single cart in a bubble envelope $8. Parcel $10 to 16. Canada post is not the reasonable choice to ship these days, yet cheaper than Fedex. Trading for red label Atari carts including homebrews and repros in that style. 76 in 1 Tsang-Hai supervision Nintendo $50 Untested as I do not own and NES to test. Nintendo DS paddle controller by Taito for Arkanoid.. $60 Spectrum 128 Escape from Singe's Castle. $10 Zellers Dragon Treasure boxed no instructions. Top box tear. $20 Apollo Pompeii proto reproduction $35 Fitted into an Apollo shell. 2600 $4 games MASH,Keystone Kapers Blue label, Demon Attack Blue label, River Raid blue label, Human Cannonball, Super Football, Space Invaders text, Galaxian, Frogs and Flies. More 2600 Snoopy and the Red Baron $20 Roc n Rope $8 Stampede $5 Space Cavern lot $12 Star Trek. $12 Ghostbusters $20 Alien $18 7800 Food fight $4 Ms Pacman $4 Pole position ll $4 CIB 2600 Chopper Command $12 Berzerk $12 Pressure Cooker $20 ACTIPLAQUE! Atlantis $15 Riddle of the Sphinx $12 Colecovision Mr do $10 Baseball $4 Donkey Kong $4 Vic 20 Frogger $5 Label poor SOLD
  4. Still plugging away at the animation game....20 years into it and it is never boring.

  5. A seller was using the original auction photo of the box lineup to sell an Atari on Kijiji Ottawa. The listing was taken down. Buyer beware. 03/18/2016
  6. Are the red labels getting harder to find? I may have to rethink my collecting strategy as I am only going after Reds these days.
  7. Are the red labels getting harder to find? I may have to rethink my collecting strategy as I am only going after Reds these days.
  8. It is Japanese script. Although I am not that good at reading it. Rough translation for the back sticker: This TV game is 2 Channel dedicated only. Caution: In addition It cannot be used outside.
  9. I have to weigh in on the Canada to US shipping issue. I have been selling on epay since 1998 and shipped internationally for most of my auctions. In the last few years the Canadian postal system has dropped significantly in the quality and speed of their service. I have had guaranteed overnight packages that arrive 4 to 5 days late. Regular 5 to 8 day airmail to the states that could take up to 6 weeks. I usually advise my buyers that Canada Post is slow.
  10. The Gemini is one of my fav systems. I am wary of buying another due to 99% have controller port issues. The last 2 I bought online have that issue. Reflowing the solder doesn't always fix it.
  11. The cashing in phase has officially hit a new high with this auction. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-E-T-VIDEO-GAME-EXCAVATION-LANDFILL-ALAMOGORDO-NEW-MEXICO-3D-ART-SCULPTURE-/121337774313?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c404b80e9
  12. We have them in Canada as well. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-video-games-consoles-other/hamilton/old-video-games/579067245?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true "Hi i am a video game collector an if anyone had any video games or Consoles they would be willing to donate Like Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sony, Microsoft, Panasonic 3DO, Phillips Cd-i, Coleco Vision, Intellivision, Neo-Geo, Magnavox Odyssey 1 and 2, Turbo Grafix 16, Vectrex, PC, Macintosh and old computers and monitors Like Commodore 64, Vic 20, Atari, Sinclair, Amiga or anything else."
  13. Thanks nanochess. That was pretty unexpected. I figured it might hit around $50. At least that gives an example of a recent sale for future reference.
  14. That is not a good policy for bidders with short attention spans like myself. I have had a few purchases go awry when shipping was prearranged and the seller went back on their word and billed the original rate and import fees as well. Nothing like having UPS demand $40 on top of something you already paid for. I look at shipping and import fees as an indication of how my transaction will go. Those red flags turn me off of an item and I immediately go elsewhere.
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