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  1. I never payed much attention to the DC at all up until recently. I got a boxed one off ebay a while ago and got Shemnue yesterday for it. I just need games! I dont know what to get for it haha.
  2. Well, the contacts are excessively clean now! So is there anyway to fix the cartridge?
  3. I for one loved GT2. I never played GT1. It seems like the GT series has cycles of good and bad games. I have no comment for GT1 but... GT2 was amazing! GT3 was just okay. GT4 was amazing! GT5 was a big dissapointment. GT6, if the cycle stays the same, will be what GT5 should have been!
  4. Gave it a light sanding + 100% IPA. Made the contacts much cleaner. But no dice, still the same error. So you guys think its just a junk cartridge?
  5. My cart looks like none of those. I took a video showing a 32x game and genesis game that work. Then the 32x copy of virtua racing that doesnt. Now you guys can see what I am seeing. Click the image to see the video.
  6. I have the smaller cart 32x labeled cart. And for those that missed my brothers post. My 32x is literally brand new. Found it sealed at a thrift store. Has about 20 minutes play time on it. I gave every game a good cleaning before inserting it for the first time to minimize transfer of oxidation. And yes all the cables are hooked up properly. Has both power cords plugged in as well as the link cable between genny and 32x and the RF shields installed properly. The system works fine with my other games. Just this one is posing a problem. I also have the model 2 genesis MK-1614S and 32X model MK-84001A
  7. My brother found a copy of virtuia racing for the 32x at a swap meet. Today I tried popping it in my 32x and shows the typical produced by/licensed by Sega jargon. After that I get a blank black screen. When I hit the reset button it says "Developed for use only with NTSC genesis systems." What the? So I take it my genesis is the problem? I mean, its labeled as a sega genesis, not a mega drive. So wouldnt that mean my genesis is NTSC?
  8. So I got a very nice gg off ebay a bit ago, and it makes an electrical whining sound through the speakers and headphones. I thought it was a capacitor issue like I have read everywhere, so I ordered a replacement soundboard off ebay from a seller who replaced all the known to go bad capacitors with new ones. I got it fitted today and it still makes the damn noise! So it cant be the cap issue. I unscrewed the two halves of the gg and I could modify the pitch of the whine by moving the two halves closer or further from each other. So Im not sure what the heck is going on. Any ideas. I waited a month for the replacement sound board to arrive from the UK only to find out it didnt make a difference. So something else must be going on but I have no idea what. Here is a video of the sound. http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/covertmission/?action=view&current=P1010880.mp4 Please help.
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