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  1. Never played this one in real, but I remember playing the other one on the cart as a real Pinball table: Police Force
  2. Is the plastic inside your CD case cut out, or is it the normal one to hold the CD?
  3. Even with just 2 Lynxes a multiplayer mode would be great! As somebody else said, most of us own more than 1 Lynx. Finding someone with a Lynx shouldn't be the problem.
  4. Looks great! But I think for decent gameplay at least the player's ship need to be less large
  5. Would be interesting to see the back of these new curved lip carts. Whether they have the Fuji on it like the original carts or not like Zaku
  6. I'd prefer the nightvision instead of the flashlight. Looks more Bond-like (gadget). The dark interior is great. Better than pitch black, where you have to scan the whole area.
  7. Steel Talons is the better polygon showcase. It runs more fluidly (more fps).
  8. On the PC-Engine some games (Blazing Lasers f. e.) use the synth chip for music and add samples ONLY for drums, which sounds fantastic. Because the PC-Engine is an 8-Bit System too, this should be possible on the Lynx without wasting too much memory for samples. Has anybody ever tried this? Sage?
  9. Looks really nice! But where is the sense in buying a COMPLETE trading card set?
  10. Looks nice. Will this be available for download for us flashcard users?
  11. This is Telegame's original release of the game in a VHS-tape box. Because the game is still available from Telegames, I doubt that it is much more worth than the retail price.
  12. There are also 2 different labels for the cart. Maybe,thats the difference...
  13. Will there be a Pin for the E-Jagfest Slideshow, too?
  14. Great! How much will it cost? Discount for people pictured in the slideshow?
  15. Didn't someone here mentioned that he is working on something similar?
  16. I have completed it on the Lynx, too. It never crashed. Maybe your Lynx is faulty, or there are different versions of the game.
  17. Post a ROM Image and I / we test it for you!
  18. You mean like Rescue on Fractalus and Koronis Rift? Great! Count me in for a copy.
  19. You proved yourself wrong in the previous sentence
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