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  1. Wow! Amazing selection of pinballs there. Although the site didn't mention them much I spotted some great video games too - Tempest, Centipede, Major Havoc, Black Widow, Food Fight...
  2. Well there are pictures of the Electrocoin Goliath here... http://electrocoin.uk.com/goliath/ The other generic cabs I can remember were usually black ash woodgrain sides with no distinguishing features. You got a marquee if you were lucky!
  3. Not got the machine in the house here to check the exact score. I've been just over 200K a couple of times in 20 years, but that's it. This is on factory settings. I used to score much higher on a machine in a London arcade, but I realised when I got my own machine that it was set at a much lower difficulty and was a *lot* more generous with extra lives than it should have been. It's fun to set it to give out loads of extra lives, just to see how insanely murderous it gets later on. Whoever had the idea of the Void Zone is a sadist!
  4. Now that really is depressing. In some ways a vector monitor is easier to repair than a raster one, and out of necessity collectors have been fixing them for years so there is a lot of good information out there on how to troubleshoot them. I personally know very little about electronics but I managed to troubleshoot and repair a Wells Gardner colour vector monitor without much trouble and had it hooked up in my Star Wars upright in no time. I managed to get the original Amplifone monitor in the Star Wars going but the red colour gun in the tube had gone. For years we thought that raster monitors would be around forever so it was cheaper and easier to replace them than fix them. Now even they are becoming a commodity. Still, that Tempest would make a beautiful dedicated cab again...
  5. Another vote for Sinistar. Pretty much any "hard" game, such as Defender or Robotron, you can learn techniques and get really good at... but not Sinistar. It was the first coin-op I owned (about 20 years ago now) and I still have it, but I've never really gotten any better at playing it. It says a lot that the Twin Galaxies tournament settings are actually easier than the default factory settings! I've always struggled with Donkey Kong Jr. Something about it just doesn't click with me and before I know it, I'm dead. Super Cobra was pretty evil too.
  6. For a Space Program themed game I would go for Space Shuttle. It's about the right vintage to get a balance of easily playable and cool features. Absolutely amazing sound as well. Setting off all the bells and flashers is still such a buzz. I personally love F14 Tomcat, but it is very fast and potentially a bit intimidating for newcomers. 4-ball multiball (with spinning backbox lights) is brilliant though. Of the early DMD games I like The Getaway. Again it's that balance of being approachable but also with some good longer-term challenges to keep playing for. It's fast but open and unlike a lot of later games that stop and start (Twilight Zone!), it keeps you busy and engaged all the time. Theatre of Magic is great for much the same reasons. Fast flowing shots that are *so* satisfying when you pull them off.
  7. Ms. Pac-Man is one of those games that I never saw much of in the UK. Pretty certain I played one in a seaside arcade on England's South Coast. Brighton probably. Never saw one in a dedicated cab. Strange that it was only a minor success in the UK but when I visited NC a few years ago it was the one classic I kept finding, along with Galaga, in almost every arcade I saw. I played Mr Do's Castle in the Electrocoin arcade off Tottenham Court Road, London. Electrocoin was a game distributor, and they would license many games from the smaller manufacturers, usually putting the PCBs in their own "Goliath" cabs. These cabs were *everywhere* in the UK. They had a lot of the Universal games in their showcase arcade, all along a back wall. I played the Mr Do! series a few times but only really clicked with the first one and Do! Run Run. The same arcade had Starforce, Tac/Scan and Star Trek, so I naturally gravitated towards those instead. It was also the only place I ever saw a Libble Rabble. Now, that was a game I really loved... Similar story to the above with Pac-land. Pretty common in the UK albeit in a generic cab. Personally, I couldn't stand the game. I have played a Warrior, but only relatively recently. A friend of mine who is a big collector/restorer had one. Beautiful game. Would have loved it back in the day. The quirks of UK game licensing and distribution meant that a lot of games simply never made it to these shores, or in such small numbers that we never saw them. That was the case with Looping, Mappy, Bagman and Venture, although I played the home versions of Venture (I had the Intellivision port). Our local fleapit/seedy pool hall arcade had Guttang-Guttong (a re-titled Loco-motion). Stayed there a while but not many of us played it. Damn frustrating game.
  8. Just a few thoughts/suggestions regarding the controls. All this is on an iPad by the way... A full screen with overlaid translucent control option would be great, particularly for the vector games where the increase in available resolution can be appreciated. I also think all games should have an orientation option, possibly even display the menus in both. Many people like to lock their iPad's orientation. Battlezone (coin-op) - How about a single 8-way joystick option, with the joystick on the left side of the screen and the fire button on the right? I know it's a break from the arcade convention, but no more than the Asteroids "disc" option. Black Widow - Full screen landscape option please. Translucent "place anywhere" controls. See Infinity Field to see how well it can work. Perfect for Black Widow, as the corners of the screen are barely used in gameplay. Centipede/Millipede (coin-op) - A trackball right option please. Atari's coin-ops with analogue controls (trackballs and spinners) alway placed them on the right-hand side of the control panels. My brain is hardwired after years of playing those games to use my right hand for controlling spinners and trackballs. The pad options are excellent by the way. Major Havoc - A roller on the right option please. Same reasons as above. Tempest (coin-op) - Spinner on the right option please. Same reasons again. I've not downloaded and played Missile Command, Liberator or Crystal Castles yet, but I'm assuming that they could all use a trackball on the right option too. Flipped control issues aside, this is a beautifully put together collection and I'm really impressed by how much effort has gone into making them both look and play well. Loving all the Gallery artwork items too. Curious where you got those pictures of the coin-op pin badges? They look an awful lot like a set I scanned in around 10 years ago. I just wish I'd done them at a better resolution.
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