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  1. Sorry you're all having trouble with your orders. I ordered mine Feb 1 and received it on the 8th. Shipped to utah. So far, it's fantastic.
  2. There are two: Steeplechase, 75126, rarity four Stellar Track, 75159, rarity four I believe either one is only available in the text-label.
  3. I have for sale or trade some Atari VCS stuff. Here's what I've got: One Atari VCS (model 2600A, six switch, wood grain, not the "heavy-sixer" model) Two Atari Joystick controllers (they appear to have come from the Flashback TV unit) One set of Atari standard Paddle controllers (minor jitter, but playable) One standard Atari power supply One RCA-to-75 ohm adapter The original box I also have several cartridges, some of which are duplicates, as noted. Conditions are noted, as well: Atari: Asteroids [three copies] Basic Math, text label, "61 basic math" variation Basketball, text label Bowling, text label Combat, text label [seven copies] Defender [two copies] Demons to Diamonds E.T. The Extra Terrestrial [two copies, one with missing end label] Football Golf, text label Home Run [detached end label, but I do have it] Pac-man [four copies] Pele's Soccer [two copies, one with missing end label] Pole Position Realsports Football Space War Space War, text label [two copies, one with missing end label] Star Raiders Street Racer, text label Super Breakout Superman Swordquest Earthworld [two copies] Swordquest Fireworld Vanguard [two copies] Video Olympics, text label, "21 video olympics" variation Video Pinball Warlords Yars' Revenge Centipede Parker Bros.: Amidar [two copies] The Empire Strikes Back Imagic: Cosmic Ark Demon Attack Riddle of the Sphinx Star Voyager Activision: Boxing Enduro [two copies] Freeway Grand Prix Ice Hockey Laser Blast [two copies] Robot Tank Seaquest Skiing [two copies] Stampede [two copies] US Games: Commando Raid Data Age: Airlock Bugs Sssnake Coleco: Donkey Kong Venture Mattel: Armor Ambush Astroblast [two copies] Lock 'n' Chase Space Attack [two copies] I just tested it all out (19 April, 2011) and it all works great! Just make an offer on what you might want. I'm a collector, not really a reseller. These are the spares I've collected over the past thirty years. I can provide pics, if necessary. Thanks for looking!
  4. I always saw them as kings sitting on a throne. I still do.
  5. Oh I'm the same way. For example, at Play and Trade a couple of days ago I found Quest for Quintana Roo, Sunrise cart, and was like.."OMG.." It cost $2. It's nice to think we've got some sort of investment, but.. What we really have is a collectible, only valuable to a very specific group of people. Now if someone offered me ten grand for one of my carts.. let's talk! LOL!
  6. Well.. you only "suck" at it because it appears to me you're playing on an emulator, with your mouse. I think everyone will agree that's not the proper way to play paddle games. Nothing compares to a paddle controller. They're quite easy, in fact! You should try!
  7. It's actually a 20" Toshiba CRT from around 2002. No vertical hold control (that's readily accessible, at any rate). You kidding? Playing VCS on an LCD? Not me.
  8. It's probably on the same level as River Raid II or Threshold. As far as what it's "worth", that's more an objective thing. If you don't plan to sell it, then its value is meaningless. But those types of games are usually advertised for around $20 to $30. Something's only "worth", in dollars, what someone is willing to pay you for it.
  9. It's interesting, I have the exact same problem, but only with two carts. Solaris and Basic Programming. I use a Tosiba 20" flat CRT from probably 2002. There is no vertical hold control. I've been dying to play Solaris (and I don't do emulators anymore.. ). And I've used three different model VCSs (a heavy six-switch, a light six-switch, and a Sears Video Arcade II).. Ah well..
  10. It's rare alright. In fact, it's *unique*! You have the only one in existence! (of course.. everything is unique when you really think about it...) LOL!
  11. I don't understand the topic. Mainly, because I was eight when I got my VCS (my birthday in 1983, a Sears Video Arcade II, still have it, still works!) and I wasn't disappointed with any of them. I loved them all. Mine came with Pac Man, and played the HELL out of it. For hours and hours. And E.T. Love it, still do. And, even at eight years old, I figured out how to finish it. Defender, Space Invaders, Asteroids.. Even when Kay Bee had their bargain bins of "lousy" games for $1.99 each, I loved 'em all. I bought twenty at once with my $40 birthday money circa 1984. China Syndrome (a game people say is 'boring' today) got a TON of play. I loved it! So, I was excited for ALL of them, and disappointed with NONE of them. It was a different time. We had no expectations. Just the ability to play a game on my television was enough for me. Even when my grandmother bought me Basic Programming with the Keyboard Controllers, I was in HEAVEN. I screwed around with that for what seems like a week straight. But I loved it.
  12. www.rarityguide.com kind of does this.. You can only get a hundred at a time, though. I'm not sure how accurate it is.
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