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  1. Quick note to the scorekeeper: Gas Hog has me double listed at 3 and 12, if that matters.
  2. PB: 36,460 First time I've beaten the first track. Was not expecting that rocket up my ass right after! Don't really have time to play more, but next time this game comes up, I'll be competitive.
  3. Jr Bonus Snipe Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong. Junior is totally jumping/swinging there in the box art half.
  4. I know I gotta get well into 30k to crack the top ten, but 28820 still gets me a couple more points for Moon Patrol:
  5. Doesn't change the rankings, but 18,710 on Gas Hog Guess I should play the actual game for the week again.
  6. Surpringly enjoying Gas Hog. Improvement: 15,830
  7. Next time when you're pushing against that buzzer, go ahead and post the score just as text. Then go back and edit to upload the picture. The system logs the time of the post and the time of the edit. I'm sure the judges won't mind a little technical delay on the proof if the score is posted before deadline ...
  8. 1st stabs: Moon Patrol 20,780 (I can do better) Gas Hog 5100 (Never played before)
  9. New PB: 356,593 ...and I think that's all my hands can manage for tonight. Even the TAC-2 eventually gets me cramping.
  10. Bonus: favorite game named bugs? Bugs! [Data Age] I actually hate this game, but it DOES have an introductory 2001-esque space-warp for NO discernable reason, and that is AWESOME! (I can't even tell if I'm being sarcastic or sincere here)
  11. 1st go: 71,304 Never was good at this, so lots of room to improve!
  12. Post dinner 2nd go. Hoping to play again after the pub: 28695 Normally I'd be around 50K, but apparently I'm out of shape, and didn't spend the week wisely...
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