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  1. Never was any good at this one! Lol! Only had an hour to play it... 314
  2. 1st attempt 16,450... Lots of time to improve I hope!
  3. I agree.. very hard game but fun at the same time! 14,570
  4. For the bonus.. Everyone's favourite kitty Sylvester!! I think he's jumping but I'll let you decide! He he!
  5. Thought I'd squeeze a score in while the baby's sleeping!! 23,625 Miss playing..
  6. Thought I'd squeeze a quick score in! Motor Rodeo: 800 and skateboardin' 16 zero time left.. I will try and post bmx score tomorrow
  7. I've owned this one for some time now and never knew how to play until tonight! Its a real fun game! Wish I had more time to play tho. Well here's my score anyway.. 26,900
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