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  1. Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin' and you got to have somethin' if you want to be with me. Rememember that old Billy Preston song? Rings true today, too. ( : ( :
  2. The whole thread or what? I've lost all interest in this myself and have walked away from it. This is just like last time, they aren't one bit serious about this at all. ) : ) : Good Luck to the rest of you...
  3. Hmmm, it is now May 11th and still nothing... Their Store is still down, too.
  4. @4ever2600 Yeah, but that comes off a bit like the last time around with people not getting the games they wanted or were supposed to get. That doesn't bode well for Beta Phase at all, either. They had better get it right this time by keeping people happy by having these made to order or 'at need' or something. If people feel shorted again, they won't trust them if there are future releases to be seen.I think, they'll burn their bridges permanently with many. Many thought Beta Phase had closed their doors and everything was over for releases. The site not working is making many think things are fishy with this again. Just saying what I see and I think others are seeing here reading the posts. I'm losing interest in it. ) : ) : Not good.
  5. No, I want them for comlynxabillity. Unless, AvP and Relief Pitcher aren't comlynxable at all. Also, I don't even deal with Ebay as a seller. I buy sometimes. ( :
  6. When I go to the site it doesn't work and crashes for me. The Store is still 'under construction' and all. ) : ) :
  7. I'll take 2 or 3 copies of Avp and a Hot Dog and 2 copies of Relief Pitcher. I'm at [email protected] if you need to reach me, as I'm not on AA all the time following things.
  8. I'd buy a couple copies of this if Beta Phase Games or Der Luchs offered it.
  9. What happened to the 16 players that it originally did? I heard that part was fine years ago before Harry quit on it.
  10. That is just what you see during the LGSS Screen syncing up the Lynx units. You get something similar using your Othello cart and an LGSS cart together.
  11. The thing I remember about this game is, that it reminds me of playing around with Bumper Cars for fun at an Amusement Park when you are fighting over the 'orb' or 'crystal' to get it your respective goal from your opponent(s) or AI players. I was looking forward to this and Geo Duel being released that never came from Atari. That was sad.
  12. Not with single or multiplayer in my experience with it ever. The game is rather quick and fluid. I got all my copies back in 1996, and was very happy to get them! I loved it from the first time I turned it on with a cart in the port! ( : Perhaps, it slows down with 4 players comlynxed up, haven't done it with but 3 yet. I doubt it is worse with four, though. If you find out, tell me.
  13. I just emailed them about doing these games again a week ago.
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