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  1. Thank You. This will probably be helpful. Bob K.
  2. O.K., I did not understand that you meant the file might be somewhere in that area, I will start looking. I took your advise and just started entering the listing and it seems pretty straightforward. While entering this I came across another set of words I can not make out, it LOOKS like: S6 MOV 2,2 Enter Pressed without text JNE S7 No. Go on B @ENDEND {is this Correct?, I cannot make out all the letters} YES, branch to end <---------THIS LINE IS IN QUESTION *** Is it ENDEND?? S7 BLWP @VSBR Read the last character
  3. Thanks, I did look in the SP8612.pdf but the only thing I found even close was a article by Tom Freeman but it is the A/L listing for the "Checksum Program".
  4. Hi- Does anyone have access to copies of LA Topics newsletters? I have a copy of the Vol. 6 No 4 April 1987 newsletter from WHT site, I was trying to enter in the program {Assembly Disk Catalog by Tom Freeman on Pg. 7} but I got to a point that I could not really tell what the symbols were,(#,*,& etc.) they are kind of blurred after being copied and re copies some many times. I have tried GOOGLING LA Topics, tried looking through the WHT listings for assembly disk catalog but can find no mention anywhere, Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob K.
  5. Does anyone out there have experience using Wsector/Rsector? I run both programs [Rsector on PC & Wsector on TI (REAL) but it never gets any further then entering the port and speed on the TI and the DSK file on the PC, it SEEMS like it is waiting for something but I have a feeling that I have the wrong cable setup, I am using the cable that is used for MagicFM transfers, it works great on that but I was wondering if the Wsector program uses a different cable. I was under the impression that the MagicFM cable WAS a Null Modem cable which is required for the PC99 transfer programs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks- Bob K.
  6. O.K. I was wrong on my description of the program. It is actually a XB Debugger NOT assembly. I found it on the WHT site, it is under: Emulators/PC99/PC99 DSK Collection/Venders/GENIAL/XB-BUG.zip in case anyone want to look at it.
  7. UMM- That file is TSHELL which is a different program, I just checked it out on the WHT site, it catalogs,protects files,rename files,sweep disks or you can "type" a file.. XB;Bug is a assembly debugger by Peter Hoddie. Thanks
  8. I came across a mention of Peter Hoddies XB:Bug in a complilation of L.A. - Topics newsletters and it looked interesting BUT I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Do anyone out there know where to look?:-) Thanks- Bob K.
  9. I came across a program called BREAKOUT and noticed that whoever wrote the program used the symbol for EURO in the program and was wondering how he/she/they did it. Do I need a European TI or is there some secret to doing this? Is there some way to replace the EURO sign with one that I could use a US Keyboard? I have added the program as a attachment, maybe someone in the know could advise me. The lines It appears in are 250-260-270-280-290. Thanks Bob K. BREAKOUT.txt
  10. Bob K


    I was just wondering if it would have worked using Win XP compatibility mode, I noticed that check block while doing the Admin setup.
  11. Bob K


    Yep!! That fixed it!! Thanks to everyone who took time to answer my questions, ATARIAGE is a great source of information. It seems that here is always someone willing to help. Thanks Again- Bob K.
  12. Bob K


    Thank You- I will try that and get back to you. When I start it from the PC99Disk shortcut on the dektop I get a error in German(I think it is anyway.) If I click on the O.K. I get another error in German(Again I think.) When I start it from the desktop PC99disk Folder I get the same thing, I have deleted the files atleast 4 times and reinstalled hoping I would get one program that works. I have tried to email Wolfgang three times now but I believe the messages are not being sent as I have no outgoing messages in my Sent Folder on OUTLOOK. I checked to make sure that the correct files ARE in the SYSTEM folder and the PC99 folder. Thanks for the reply. Bob K.
  13. Bob K


    Hi- I just noticed that PC99Disk DOES run on my Windows XP computer but won't run on my Windows 7 computer that PC99 is installed on. Does anyone know what any differenced might be, perhaps a file that is changed in Win7? On the Windows XP computer I can just run it from the folder I got when I "UnRAR'ed" it, it works fine. thanks Bob K.
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    Nope, It doesn't seem to be offered anymore.
  15. Bob K


    Thanks, I'll try that link and see what I can come up with. Bob K.
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