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  1. My wish list of arcade or unfinished prototypes up n down berserk/frenzy Scramble Zoo keeper ghost manor/Robin Hood, sir Lancelot xonox games private eye activision river raid 2 activision a haunted or ghost games unreleased / unfinished meezbork on the Atari 5200 Adventure game7 levels tower quest for the Intellivoice space shuttle intellivoice. super pro racing Air strike
  2. I am in for rerelease stadium as well . Thanks steve
  3. Email sent for 1 cib game. Thanks Dave.
  4. Ok I am in too. That will be nice thanks.
  5. Spring cleaning time have some games for sale. Prices don’t include shipping. Only shipping in the USA and Canada only. They have been tested unless new in box. All Atari 2600 games and manuals. 2 are new ps4 games pixark new and shrink wrapped ps4 $15 strange bridgade new and shrink wrapped ps4 $15 Atari 2600 Swordquest earth world new and shrink wrap $45 Swordquest fireworld new and shrink wrapped $45 tapeworm cib tested and works $50 super baseball new and shrink wrapped $10 mad cib tested and works $ 18 titlematch pro wrestling new and shrink wrapped $20 tom cat f -14 new and shrink wrapped $30 spiderdroid new and shrink wrapped $16 task force new and shrink wrapped $16 jungle hunt new and shrink wrapped $16 star strike manual m network $ 20 Atari vcs manual $15 swordfight manual new will put a pic soon $12 more games and manuals to come soon. Pm if any questions. Thanks
  6. Hi there. Hate to let these go. But I guess it’s time to. Prices don’t include shipping. Only will ship in USA or Canada only. Pm if any questions. They have been played and tested tested unless new. Intv World Series baseball cib ecs $85 intellivision system changer in box $100 Sold Desert bus cib mint homebrew $ burgertime new and shrink wrapped $30 colecovision powerlords cart only $55 sold zaxxon new in box mint $35 Garfield cart homebrew prototype reproduction $65 2600 sold atari 410 recorder in box mint untested never used$45 Atari 5200 mountain king cib $35 atari 5200 wizard of wor cib $30
  7. Update Scarfinger Sold thanks Super minefield Sold thanks Space Patrol Sold thanks. the rest still available for sale. 😊
  8. Hi guys hate to let these go. But I need to part with them. Prices don’t include shipping. Will ship in USA or Canada only. All have been tested and played unless new. Pm if any questions. Giving intellivision forum first dibs on this before puttin them on the marketplace . They are Game factory mint new played once cib $225 homebrew Mattel electronics ecs Scarfinger cib mint homebrew $130 Homebrew Mattel electronics Super minefield new and shrink wrapped $90 Homebrew Space patrol mint cib $125 homebrew Flinstones keyboard fun cib . No overlays ecs $100 World series baseball cib ecs $80 Desert bus cib new mint played once$60 homebrew extras Garfield cart Atari 2600 prototype reproduction $65 power lord’s colecovision prototype reproduction $50 swordfight prototype reproduction Atari 2600 $25
  9. Hi there more to sell thru this epic times. Prices don’t include shipping. Will ship in USA or Canada only. Pm if any questions they are. Atari 410 recorder in box untested never played $40 intellivsion system changer in box $80 Flintstones snes $60 NES excite bike cib $37 galaxian 5200 new and shrink wrapped $30 klax cib homebrew mint $65 wizaed of wor cib $25 5200 mountain king 5200 cib $30 tapeworm cib mint $45 Atari 2600 More games prices coming soon or make an offer
  10. Hi there. Have some stuff to sell . Games needs to go. Prices don’t include shipping. Will ship in USA or Canada only. Pm if any questions. They all been been tested unless new in box. They are System changer in box low number $90 Bugertime new and shrink wrapped $25 nova blast new and shrink wrapped $30 mission x new and shrink wrapped $27 beat and eat em cib mint almost new $65 pac man cib $20 advanced dungeons and dragons new and shrink wrapped smashed box rare intv inc version $15 advanced dungeons and dragons treasure of Tarim new and shrink wrapped smashed box intv inc $15 backgammon cib $10 nfl football new and shrink wrapped $5 space battle new and shrink wrapped $5 astrosmash new and shrink wrapped $5 sub hunt new and shrink wrapped intv inc $8 colecovision Zaxxon new and shrink wrapped $30 mr turtle cib mint homebrew $65 Bump n jump game and case only Mattel version $40 Atari 5200 Klax mint cib homebrew $75
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