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  1. Get well soon . thoughts and prayers go out.
  2. About raft rider, aqua attack, wing war, private eye, haunted house. Sinistar
  3. Could super nfl be fixed and released from bsr Steve . I would like another copy
  4. I like both versions of kool aid man. Both different and cool in there own way. About Mr. Blocky for the running man name. He is not always running. Maybe is sprinting or skipping or his pose. 😝
  5. I received mine yesterday. Perfect shape. Thanks Steve and all who was involved:)
  6. Hi there more stuff too let go and for sale. They all been tested otherwise noted or new. Prices don’t include shipping and no international shipping please they are. Pm if any questions . Prices coming soon. New items Games with vintage. toys or movie. sold in bulk or seperate Dukes of hazzard package , one colecovision vision dukes of hazzard cart, dukes of hazzard cartoon dvd and a vintage plastic 1981 lunchbox with no thermos. Together all for $80. DVD work great only watch one disc. Lunch box nice condition. Doesn’t include shipping seperate colecovision cart $15 lunch box $35 dvd cartoon $30. Atari Pac-Man bulk collection Atari 2600 cib , lunch box metal 1980 vintage with thermos missing top cup on it. And Atari 5200 pac man cart all together for $58, doesn’t include shipping. or seperate pac man in box $20 atari 5200 cart $2 lunch box pac man $35 Atari 2600 Swordquest earth world nib new in box not shrink wrapped $50 Swordquest fireworld nib new in box not shrink wrapped $50 Secret agent cart only unreleased prototype reproduction $30 summer games new in box shrink wrapped $25 backgammon cib $16 math gran prix cib $20 video chess cib $18 championship soccer cib $10 ice hockey cib late version $19 surround cib $10 spiderdroid new and shrink wrapped $18 task force new and shrink wrapped $18 super baseball new and shrink wrapped $8 jungle hunt new and shrink wrapped $15 tape worm cib $35 outer space cib $15 tomcat f14 new and shrink wrapped $30 swordquest box and cart only $6 Sneak and peak cib $12 tiltle match pro wrestling new and shrink wrapped $22 Intv nova blast new and shrink wrapped $35 mission x new and shrink wrapped $25 dungeons and dragons new and shrink wrapped intv version smashed box$20 dungeons and dragons treasure of Tarim new and shrink wrapped smashed box $24 nes super Mario 2 cib $45 super Mario 3 cib missing top page manual $35 monster truck rally box and cart only intv Corp release $30 nes advantage control in box no manual. $50 colecovision ozma wars nib pal /ntsc with newer TVs $65 zaxxon new and shrink wrapped $40 Snes flintstones cart and case only original cart $55
  7. Quest for the intellivoice would be a good candidate to finish and release
  8. Hi there I have the following cib games. surround cib video pinball cib bowling cib dragonfire cib keystone kapers cib star wars return of the Jedi Death Star battle cib flip top. If interested in any of them or all, I can take pics, thanks again t
  9. Awesome buyer, very pleasant. Highly recommended
  10. Awesome buyer highly recommended 

    1. CPUWIZ


      Use the feedback forum, nobody will see this.

  11. Hi there more games to depart and sell off. All are Atari 2600 games boxes cib unless noted. Prices don’t include shipping and no international shipping please. They have been tested and played. Pm if any questions. Thanks. They are Atari 2600 Parker brothers Frogger cib $7 reactor cib $8 Sold empire strikes back Star Wars cib $10 Sold strawberry shortcake cib $15 Sold championship soccer cib $12 casino cib $6 ice hockey cib late version $12 swordquest box and game only as is $8 winter games cib as is $6 california games cib $11 Summer games new and shrink wrapped $28 mad cib $11 Sold super baseball new and shrink wrapped $8 tape worm cib $35 jungle hunt new in box shrink wrapped $16 outer space cib Sears $15 decathalon new and shrink wrapped $16 Sold spriderdroid new and shrink wrapped$18 task force new and shrink wrapped $18 secret agent cart reproduction prototype $30 data age Math gran prix cib top a tiny torn $30 Berzerk cib international box $15 more to come soon
  12. Hi there I have some gatefold games for sale for the Atari 2600 and intellivision and Atari 400/800 cassette games. Prices don’t include shipping. No international shipping please. Atari 1977 gatefold games have been tested. Intv games are all new and shrink wrapped. Atari 400 cassette games untested. They are Combat 1977 gatefold cib $25 indy 500 1977 gatefold cib $60 Starship 1977 gatefold cib $40 Intellivision Nfl football new and shrink wrapped $5 sold las Vegas poker and blackjack new and shrink wrapped $5 sold Space battle new and shrink wrapped $5 blue box sold Astrosmash new and shrink wrapped $5 sold Atari 400/800 cassette games cib untested hickory dickered dock baa baa sheep $6 sold humpty dumpty and jack and Jill $6 sold
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