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  1. I would also like to get in for at least 2 of these.
  2. Sorry I posted before I was ready and wouldn't let me edit. As soon as I heard the music it reminded my of Battle Kid. The game looks awesome, although I'm a bit worried that my thumbs will revolt if I try to play this on an intv controller
  3. lol if he is hanging his hat on "i didnt say the words 'i solomly swear on a stack of bibles so i never broke my promise'".. i got nothing to say.. that could make sense as to how he acts. edit: i take it back.. i'll say it is as much and as little of a "promise" as anything else i've ever seen or heard come from him, so it all goes in one bucket, the one that he is hugely offended anyone ever expected him to honor
  4. At the time it was said, packins for amico didn't exist (and they still don't). He said it would be a packin when they existed, now they changed their mind and it's no longer planned to be one (which is totally fine, except he had to throw a fit and lie about never claiming it would be one), at no point was it ever a packin.. Being in a list of planned packin's doesn't make it a packin any more than it makes me an Amico owner
  5. I tried, but could barely come up with anything for the terrible list.. Props! Earthworm Jim Music, Earthworm Jim2 Music, Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Music, Alladin, Advent Rising Amico
  6. Honestly, if your hypothetical, simultaneously produced at multiple factories, Earthworm Jim 4 Playing, zillion unit selling, physical media playing, 150$, retail ready console that totally exists and will be shipping real soon had a cart slot on there I'll give you 350$ for one. Whats one more hand wave?
  7. Sure it doesn't mean he can run a company or do hardware design, but everything that comes out of his mouth screams snake oil infomercial salesman to me.. Spew out nonsense, don't back anything up, lash out and try to censor critics, it's a bit hard for me to picture him working tirelessly building video game soundtracks (or anything of substance)
  8. It wouldn't surprise me because people are so "with us or against us" about everything these days, but that guy is either a really great actor or he is seriously broken up over admitting that he thinks it's over.. This video feels like he is finally admitting to himself that he needs to to sign his divorce papers.. It looks like he's fighting back tears the whole speech
  9. I'm not dumping on them, they are doing awesome.. An "entrepreneur" 's dream. Take people's money, pay yourself a hefty salary for a few years until money is gone, don't provide anything you say you will provide, ghost people who ask for their money back, sell whatever is left of the company for peanuts and get off scott free and drive your ferrari off into the sunset!
  10. Uncanny X-Men was the worst.. How come GI-Joe and Batman had good companies license them and my favorite comic gets frickin LJN
  11. If I read "INTV Corp" I promounce it as I.N.T.V. Corp. But if I just see "INTV" I pronounce it as "intellivision". FAQ is already plural. A FAQ is a list, it's short for "Frequently Asked Questions". If you says "FAQs" then you should have multiple lists of frequently asked questions
  12. It depends.. For people that are allergic to manuals like myself, bomb squad and space spartans you can figure out by trial and error.. I had to actually break out in hives and read the manual for this one. Microsurgeon I don't know, since I have no idea how to play that one either
  13. Not much to say this week. Too bad plumbing explosions aren't a category! Intellivision ~40 minutes Night Stalker ~20 minutes Super Cobra NES ~20 minutes Dr. Mario
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