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  1. I like the controller just fine the problem is they don't last so none of them work properly anymore I certainly like the disc much better than an atari joystick. The side buttons are the worst part. It's not the location they just aren't nice buttons they take too much force and are small and sharp intv 2 controller number pad just takes some getting used to, you have to basically memorize the locations of all the buttons without having to look. But again they don't last.
  2. blast! lousy family! makin me miss worm whomper!
  3. Emulation. Controllers are ok as long as it works with the intellivision. Especially since the originals are so hard to get in good condition
  4. Really enjoying this one.. but it hurts my hands I think this is as good as it gets for night 1
  5. For some reason when I got a new game I often couldn't play it right away but I could read the manual. I always played tron deadly discs with one controller in each hand even as a kid. It makes a huge difference for that game.
  6. Actually all the keypad buttons seem to work for dash. You have to not be touching the disc at all though when you dash or it won't do anything
  7. Trying to release the disc and give it enough time before the dash is part of the game though!
  8. I can't read and I'm very sensitive about it if you don't mind!
  9. Had to try several times to get that score! The first time I was trying to figure out how to play and why my fish kept flashing. I didn't know there was a dart feature though, I will have to try that one
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