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  1. Gazoo, you've been gone for a while now, but your presence is still felt.  I'm so glad much of what you were and the things you've done for us all live on here.

  2. Marc Hull does a damn fine job of installing a 32k chip in a console. He was offering that service a few months back and I took advantage of it. Works great for the 2meg and 1 meg game carts. Why don't the 2 of you join forces? Gazoo
  3. Well, that's a very nice explanation, Michael. But it applies to the emulation of the TI994/A. The keyboard behavior I'm looking for is in the SGCPU emulation, which I use almost exclusively. As you probably know, the real SGCPU keyboard behaves as I described - the function keys work as well as the control key combinations. But under MESS emulation, it doesn't behave that way. So the question is, can MESS be fixed to properly emulate the SGCPU keyboard? Gazoo
  4. Gazoo


  5. Ever since I got my HSGPL card, I've wanted to load Parsec on it. But I couldn't, because it's hard coded to run from the first Grom page, and I need XB to be there. I assume nobody's ever figured out how to change the hard coding to another page, because I've never seen anything mentioned about it. Well, after studying the source code, I finally figured it out. There are 20 values in the ROM file that need to be changed. The original values will be one of 3 hex words >9800, >9802, or 9C02. To change the Grom page that Parsec will run from, these values must be increased by 4 for each successive page that Parsec is modified to run from. So to run Parsec from page 2, one would change the values to >9804, >9806, and >9C06. To run it from page 16, as I do, the values would need to be changed to >983C, >983E, and >9C3E. The following is the list of ROM memory addresses that need to be changed. I list them that way because there are different formats that the file can be in: no header, 4 byte header, and 6 byte header. The addresses listed are those that the computer responds to, not the absolute addresses of the ROM file. No change needs to be made to any of the Grom files, only the ROM file. Here's the addresses: >64EE >64F4 >6530 >6662 >6690 >66BC >7656 >7C4C >7C52 >7C5C >7CBA >7CBE >7E08 >7E0E >7E24 >7F50 >7F56 >7F88 >7FB4 >7FB8 If you don't find >9800, >9802, or >9C02 at all of these addresses, you're not looking in the right place or you've got the wrong file. Don't alter anything unless you've got the correct data to begin with. Have fun with Parsec! Gazoo
  6. I would like to see some sort of compromise to get the keyboard working correctly. If I use the 'natural' keyboard, the function keys work correctly, but the control key doesn't work. I often do a ctrl-w to write a sector with Disk Utilities and have to switch keyboard type just to do this particular job. If I use the 'emulated' keyboard, the control key works, but the function keys don't. I have to press 'alt' and the corresponding number for the function key I want. There should be a keyboard setting in MESS in which both the function and control keys work at the same time. Gazoo
  7. I was interested in the text copy to see if it assembled correctly so I could play with the code and maybe modify it. But if no one has it in text form don't bother, it's not worth the trouble. Gazoo
  8. The set of files I just uploaded for the ubergrom does indeed set the first ROM bank, but it also allows REVIEW MODULE LIBRARY to be active. This set disallows REVIEW MODULE LIBRARY. Gazoo Set ROM bank 1 - 128k Flash.bin Set ROM bank 1 - EEprom.bin
  9. If you don't want to go through all the nonsense and hassle of putting a header in every ROM bank use an ubergrom cart. Burn a 1284P chip for the Grom side using the files in this message. The little bit of GPL code will autostart, set the first ROM bank, and reset to the title screen - you won't even notice that it happened. Your ROM chip now only needs to have a header in the first bank to work, the way things should be. Gazoo Set ROM bank 1 - 128k Flash.bin Set ROM bank 1 - EEprom.bin
  10. Never mind, I figured it out for myself. You can do it by editing the executable file, in my case 'messui.exe'. Make a note of the CRC-32 and SHA1 values of the original ROM file. Make the changes you want to the ROM file. Compute the CRC-32 and SHA1 values for the new file. I used HEX WORKSHOP for this. Do a text search of the executable file for the original CRC-32 and SHA1 strings. Replace those strings with the new ones, and save the executable file. No more warning message. Gazoo
  11. I've been considering getting a Lotharek drive to play with, even though I don't really need one. The website says that the device supports up to 255 tracks. It seems that the current TI FDC eprom could easily be altered to support 89 tracks, that would give a maximum of 1602 sectors. As the bitmap only supports 1600 sectors, the last 2 sectors could simply be ignored. Not having the device, this raises several questions. How does one 'format' a floppy image for the device? A special formatting tool would seem to be required to correctly lay out sector 0 for the maximum of 1600 sectors. Can someone post a blank formatted 80 track, double sided, single density image for me to inspect? Is the extra 160 sectors per 'disk' worth the effort? Gazoo
  12. Why not just use RAG Linker? It only takes a few seconds. I have it as a menu item in Funnelweb, so if I use the Funnelweb Editor and Assembler, I can quickly load RAG Linker for generating the image file. Easy Peasy. Gazoo
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