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  1. Can the sounds be activated without the second screen being active? Gazoo
  2. Here are the CDC Groms. CDCgrom0.bin CDCgrom1.bin CDCgrom2.bin Gazoo
  3. Has anyone used this software since I posted it? Gazoo
  4. It's glued together. You have to very carefully pry it apart at the seam. Gazoo
  5. There was an upgrade to the power supply that made it into a switching supply. Only 2 wires were used for input instead of 3, and it runs much cooler. It's recognizable by the many electrolytic caps on the board. Gazoo
  6. Just don't get in the way of Gazoo's sledge hammer.
  7. Don't do that, the insane one is much more knowledgable. He's making sense where I just do things that work for me and are generally overkill. Clearing the status byte is probably enough.
  8. Yes, you can load an EA5 set of files like DSKU from cassette. It will just take a while. Gazoo
  9. I've only had 1 or 2 problems with registers 7 through 15 not being cleared. If you write those registers first, the 9918 will accept them as registers 0 through 7, and then you write registers 0 through 7. This procedure allows compatibility for both VDP chips. Gazoo
  10. I have DM2k, but I don't see that anywhere in there.
  11. What program are you using to get this list of available devices? Looks like a handy thing to have. Gazoo
  12. MIDIMASTER.dsk MIDIFILES.dsk Mike Maksimik has given me permission to distribute the Midi Master software. Here are the 2 disks that were originally distributed by Cecure Electronics. Mike has requested that the software not be altered in a way that would remove his name from it. Please honor his request. Gazoo
  13. Hey that was my idea! (just another 80 column VDP innocent user here) Gerchoo (bless you Pebbles!)
  14. It's a vdp register problem, or maybe not clearing the status byte before quitting. Should be an easy fix. Gazoo
  15. I found a nice case for an external 5.25" drive. Google this: CDRW55292EXT A floppy drive fits in the case perfectly. Since I've converted my 'stock' TI to two 3.5" floppies (80/80/40), this works out nicely as an external drive if I want to read a 5 1/4 inch disk. Got it for $5 ! A little alcohol or paint remover will probably take the white lettering off the case. Gazoo
  16. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

  17. I'm an old fart AND a packrat, but I can never find anything in the mess. You must be more organized than me.
  18. I second the motion, there's only a few chips. Replace all the chips and the regulators and you'll be good to go. Gazoo
  19. EDITMEM is not in the Pgram DSR. CLOCK is though. You may want to have the Pgram identifiable by CALL PG and leave CLOCK for the Triple Tech. RAMGR would probably be the best bet for the Corcomp ramdisk. Gazoo
  20. I like your avatar. I actually own a real one of those. It's actually very shiny, the foreground is silver and the background gold, the photo just didn't turn out very well. Gazoo
  21. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

  22. The Corcomp Ramdisk responds as 'DSKR.'. I think there's also a CALL to bring up the resident disk manager, but I don't recall what it is. It would probably be better to identify it by the CALL since 'DSKR.' can also be a valid device for a Horizon Ramdisk. Gazoo
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