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  1. The Foundation card will be difficult to identify. It was originally sold without an eprom. There was also a hacked eprom that made it work as a Myarc 128k card so it could run Myarc Extended Basic 2. It might be best to leave that one alone and let it be reported as undefinable. Gazoo
  2. I found Mike and sent a message to him regarding this. I included in it an experience we shared while having dinner at a steakhouse on a night before a Lima Faire, I have a feeling he'll smile when he reads the message. We'll see what happens... Gazoo
  3. Really? I thought he was completely out of the TI loop and was a full time scuba diver.
  4. Still waiting to hear if there's any copyright claims on the original disks. Anyone? Gazoo
  5. Here's some SNF files in case anyone's interested. Gazoo SNF1.dsk SNF2.dsk SNF3.dsk
  6. No, you're good. You're an honorable individual, kudos to you. It's really only 2 specific individuals that have exhibited the behavior I described. They know who they are. Gazoo EDIT: Revelation - seems like there's 2 of them in every group. I wonder if that's a requirement of having a group? The old Yahoo group had Eric and Erik.
  7. I couldn't find the Harrison disks which I know were freeware. Am I violating any copyrights if I upload dsk images of these 2 disks? Just wanted to check before I did so. Gazoo
  8. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

  9. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

  10. Yes, Midi-out only. There is another configuration for the Midi-in cable which includes a resistor and I don't have any longer so I can't describe it better than that. The Midi-in function is for recording what you play on the keyboard and dumping it in SNF format for editing or recompiling into image files. I believe Bruce's program for that was called "Midi Play In". Gazoo
  11. The disks I purchased from Cecure are the original version by Mike Maksimik. I got the Bruce Harrison version from him at a Lima Fair. They had handwritten labels, I may still be able to find them. Gazoo
  12. I wasn't aware that Asgard had anything to do with the software. I purchased it from Cecure, and I just found my original disks. Are they Bruce Harrison's disks? His version had a lot of improvements. Midi Album is the best of them, it requires a Supercart or comparable (I wrote a program to autoload it in to the HSGPL). It allows you to select a playlist and listen to hours of TI Midi stuff (you probably need a hard drive for hours of music, though). Gazoo
  13. DIN 5 (midi) RS232 (TI) ------------ ---------- 2 1 4 3 5 7 Pretty simple cable. I'm not sure if I have the original disks, the version I use has been on my hard drive for like forever. I can try and make a program disk from it if you guys are really interested. Gazoo
  14. Sounds like you've certainly got something wacky going on there. The cart was partly developed and tested on my 'stock' system, which includes a Rave speech card. Never had any problems with it. Gazoo
  15. Maybe someday before it's too late I'll get around to trying to play one of these games. Are they available for download anywhere? Gazoo
  16. The most acceptable solution we've found so far is the Samsung 910MP.
  17. I'll see what I can do. I hope you're not in a hurry, it may be a weekend project. Gazoo
  18. Yeah, there's 5. I had a brain fart (or maybe it wasn't my brain, maybe Spock's brain?), my cable has all of them. Radioshack sells them in packs of 5 & I used them all. Was that an episode with the Romulans? With this right knee of mine I always feel like a tortured Picard.
  19. Midi Master 99 Casiotione MT-540 Easy Peasy midi cable from RS232 to keyboard, only 2 signal wires plus ground. If you're really interested I can use a meter to find out the pinouts. Gazoo
  20. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

  21. http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/ti/ti.htm According to the description on Stuart's page linked to above, there are 4 pullup resistors to 5v. I have these installed and connected to the +5v source. Per the description, one side of the resistor is connected to +5v and the other side to the indicated pin, correct? I haven't tried a different card because I'm not sure if they would be compatible with the cable. The cable is designed to be used with a TI controller, not all lines are connected. I was hoping not to damage any of my other cards. Unless, of course, the Insane Multitasker repair service is prepared to do repairs gratis. Gazoo
  22. Interesting results from these 2 tests. Attempting to save a Basic program results in an I/O error 66. Looking at the disk where the format process failed, sector 0 has been written correctly. However, sector 1 is not zeroed out as would normally be the case. Gazoo
  23. Can you do 2 bouncing balls? The thought of 4 bouncing balls... ...hurts.
  24. Might cable length be the issue? My console-to-card cable is about 15 inches in length. ( straw I haven't yet grasped ).
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