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  1. I'm powering it the same way as my PE box. I have a PC supply in there. Both positive rails are connected to +12 v and the negative rail is connected to -12 v. No regulators have been removed. It's not a procedure I believe in, too many chances for error. Any system I've configured this way for the past 20 years has worked solidly and I'm not changing things up now. If the card works ok in the PE ox it should work ok with the external pc power supply, By the way I've tried several external PC power supplies, all with the same results. I've tested with a 5 1/4" drive, no difference. Ain't too many straws I haven't clutched at!
  2. I don't agree with your assessment of the Atariage TI group. Back in the Compuserve and BBS days, EVERYTHING was positive and exciting. All the interactions I remember were in a positive vein. I've noticed that the younger generation of TI'ers here has become disrespectful of the long-timers and of each other. Surely you've noticed that being the same approximate age as me. Inconsideration of constructive criticism and pooh-poohing of legitimate suggestions is commonplace now where it was unheard of in the past. I've experienced it firsthand several times here now, but I do have to admit it is limited to a few hard-heads that just have general societal issues. But yeah, this is a pretty good place. Gazoo
  3. There's a problem with that chart. The temperature readings max out at 2 digits. It's really going to be much hotter than that.
  4. Thanks for chiming in, Stuart. Yes. I actually tried several drives and cables. All worked in the Pbox, all would read but none would write with the console-to-card cable. This is very perplexing.
  5. I've got 2 TI FDCs, both do the same thing. 300 watt PC supply, 3.5" floppy drive. They both work ok in the Pbox with the drive, but get the same error 38 when trying to format or write to the disk when used with the console-to-card cable. Both read and catalog ok, just won't write.
  6. SCREEN.dsk Lines and Boxes. Press spacebar to quit. Gazoo
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  9. I got everything I needed to test this console-to-card cable setup. The cable has been put together, connections have been double and triple checked with a meter, also checked for shorts. The cable is as described in the chart on Stuart's website. http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/ti/ti.htm The problem I'm having is that it is currently read only. I can catalog an existing floppy fine, and everything behaves normally in that respect. But I cannot format or write to a disk. I get disk error 38. It goes through the formatting process, but when the heads reset to the first track the error 38 comes up. Putting the FDC card in the pbox with the same drive results in everything working ok, formatting again works. Anyone got any ideas? Is there something the TI FDC requires for writing that it does not require for reading? Gazoo
  10. I never understood the purpose of the Mini Memory cart. What purpose does it serve? It always seemed such a waste to me, why not just get an EA cart? Gazoo
  11. There is no 'normal' address for a Horizon. It can be anywhere you choose to put it. IMHO >1000 is the worst possible place to put it. It should be above all the other devices that respond as 'DSKx". Gazoo
  12. Yes, multiple addresses. Pick one that fits your system, I chose the first available after the used addresses. Look at the docs, it's one of the first decisions you make.
  13. The Insane One is a genius. CFG has never identified my cards correctly until today. Now it does. Image has been blotched a little to protect the innocent. Gazoo
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    CFGscreen censored

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  19. Thanks, I've ordered 2 of them. They do look easier to solder than wire wrap connectors would be. Gazpp
  20. http://www.electronicsurplus.com/edac-345-060-500-208-connector-pcb-edge-30-position-60-pin Does this look like the correct connector to mate with a TI Pbox card? It looks right, but I'm not 100% sure on the specs. Gazoo
  21. Personally I don't see the need for an RS232 card. The only use I have for it anymore is for Midi stuff, and as long as I have 1 TI with that connection, the others are unnecessary. If I get it working, the final change would be to replace the floppy drive with an HXC, that would be my idea of a portable TI. Gazoo
  22. http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/ti/ti.htm I would use a sideport extension cable like this, though. And I'd put the 'ugly' crossover connections on the card connector inside the drive housing. I've got the extension cable, a spare controller card, and some spare drives. The only things I still need are the 60 pin connector for the TI card and the drive housing I mentioned. I'm hoping someone will verify that a TI card will fit in the Commodore 1541 drive box. Gazoo
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  24. I'm thinking of putting a TI disk controller card in one of these with Stuart's sideport-to-card cable to connect it with. There should be room in the top of the case to mount the card. I've never seen one or had one apart, so I'm just guessing. Can anyone who's seen the inside of one of these provide a little insight? Gazoo
  25. ftp://ftp.whtech.com/magazines/micropendium/mp8906.pdf Kramer from Seinfeld already built one. Gazoo
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