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  1. Wouldn't it just be much easier to make one of the existing Forth cartridges autostart? Seems like a no-brainer...
  2. Any chance of a VECTREXROLI Extended Basic v2.7 Suite video? 99% of the reason I put together the software was in hopes of making it to a VECTREXROLI video.
  3. I mounted my reset switch on the left side of the console so I wouldn't accidentally hit it. It's also a relatively flat switch, so it's not real obnoxious. And it's what Radio Shack had that day. I also have an observation about the grom port reset switch. I used that method for a while, but it wouldn't reset the console on real severe lockups, I would sometimes have to power-cycle to get back in operation. The 9900 pin 6 method works without fail. Gazoo
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  5. Depends on the current required for the SCSI drives. In my experience the 200 and 250 watt supplies don't last more than a year or 2. So go up from there. A 400w should be adequate for what you describe. I'm considering getting a 650w to replace the 300w PS in my Geneve, the 12v starts to get unreliable after a few hours. Gazoo
  6. Those different colors make it much more difficult for me to read and concentrate on the code. I use Wordpad almost exclusively, with font courier new, size 12, style western, black on white. Nice and large and clear. Easy to see and concentrate on. Some may call me old school, or even an old fart. It's really a matter of individual preference, though. Gazoo
  7. You don't have to worry about the voltages, or modify any cards. You connect the PC +12v (yellow) to both the positive rails of the TI backplane, black to ground, and the PC -12v (not sure of the wire color) to the negative rail on the backplane. Only 3 connections to the PC power supply and TI backplane, really hard to mess it up. plug in the cards and go. I've been doing this for over 20 years with no issues. When you get into removing or jumpering voltage regulators is where you run into trouble. KISS principle! Keep It Simple, Stupid! Gazoo
  8. If you're going to do this - a dremel tool, a pop rivet gun, and a bench grinder are good to have. You can get away without the bench grinder if you're patient with a file. I too a few photos several years ago while building my new Geneve case which may help. Notice that I took the whole cage out of the TI and attached the front of the cage to the PC case with some angle brackets and rivets. I fashioned an aluminum plate to the back of the case to mount the keyboard and audio/video jacks on the back of the case and to cover the ugly big hole that was there. Gazoo
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    Geneve front

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    Geneve back

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    Geneve side

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  13. Most of the devices on your screen seem to show up correctly. It's the devices that are pretending to be a floppy drive that appear to be the issue. I don't believe it's a problem with the program.
  14. Momentary pushbutton switch, one side goes to ground, the other to pin 6 on the 9900.
  15. I have a copy of Midi Master installed on my hard drive. I'm pretty sure it is Bruce Harrison's version since it is Freeware. There are 2 programs that I have, Midi Master and Midi Album. Midi Album requires Ram at >6000, but it's cool as you can pick a bunch of midi files to play in a row, or at random. Midi Master can load SNF (text) files for playback or to save as image files. It can also playback image files, but only one at a time. I should be able to come up with midi connections for the 2 plugs as all I need to do is break out my ohmmeter. There's only 2 signal wires and a ground required. Gazoo
  16. RXB2015E.dsk Disk image for in-console update to latest version of RXB. Love it Rich! Leave it alone now, it's perfect. Gazoo
  17. Yes, they're fantastic. I love my SNUG system, I'm taking it with me when I die. Gazoo
  18. Actually the version you posted IS an older version of BOOT. The date in the version is 10/16/89. The newest version, to the best of my knowledge, is dated 12/13/89. Missing from the posted version is the help screen: ...and the ability to load a CHARA1 file into BOOT to replace the character set. Gazoo
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    BOOT help screen

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    BOOT CHARA1 screen

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  21. Correct, you would need to update the 9918,9928,9929 to a 9938 or 9958 to get RGB, which you would then feed to your RGB to Svideo converter (Video Turtle). If you're switching Svideo inputs, that's the way to go. Gazoo
  22. There was an adapter called the Video Turtle that converted a TI RGB signal to Svideo. I helped demo it at one of the Lima Faires and it did a pretty good job on a large CRT TV. There's been some recent interest in that device recently, and maybe another run is possible. I'd like to see what it looks like with a flatscreen monitor. Gazoo
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